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by Roki Prunali

best streaming workouts


Though I may be a pretty active and fit person, I still need that extra push to every single workout appointment, or the accountability goes out the door. Whether it is the Barry’s Bootcamp trainer yelling at me to stop taking breaks or my yoga teacher gently pushing me into positions that I didn’t even know my body could twist into, I need that affirmation and guidance on the daily. I have nowhere near the gusto and determination that Tamu has to get off the couch and run…alone. But, August has finally arrived, which here in Italy means VACATION MODE all day, every day (well not really the case when your work is online – that is really work, all day, every day). Anyways, in my somewhat-vacation mode, while I am far from home and my trusty gyms, I really need that little kick in the butt, or else, like every other August, I am left with the extra weight gain from the workout abstinence and steady stream of rosé. Which makes coming back to real life that much harder, because, let’s just say, all my muscles have turned to mush. Time to explore some of the best streaming workouts, right?


Best Streaming Workouts and Fitness Classes

This year, I am trying to be a bit more prepared. I have already downloaded all of the apps necessary to stream some of my favorite workouts while I am away. It may not be that same terrifying instructor forcing me into plank position, but knowing that I am paying for those streaming classes and the fact that I can do it anywhere – because let’s face it I don’t go anywhere without my computer – there are no excuses. Lucky for me, and hopefully also for you, Pretty Birds, some of my favorite go-to classes are at my fingertips at any hour of the day. All you need is wifi!


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“Today, I completed my 100th ride on my Peloton Bike. My Bike was delivered on October 18th and I haven’t looked back. It has completely changed my life for the better. 100 cycling classes, 254 meditation classes and 14 yoga classes. My husband has put up with me singing out loud and off key for the past few months. And my Pelopup Blu Bear (aka security) has been by my side the entire way. Anyone that is suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grieving, pain, health issues…there are so many Peloton Members that are going through the same things and are there cheering you on through the good times and bad. I’m getting stronger and stronger everyday and my doctors are in disbelief. Not bad for 47.” Via Member Candace T. #onepeloton

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Peloton Digital

After staying at my dear friend’s house in Venice last summer, I tested the widely talked about Peloton bike. Spinning classes are held all over the country, and you can sign in to live classes or follow your favorite instructors at any time of the day. If you can’t shell out the money for one of their hefty stationary bikes, or if you also live in Europe, the side of the world they have not yet reached, Peloton Digital offers outdoor running, bootcamp, HIIT and even yoga classes. For $19 a month, there are pre-recorded classes, or you can remotely join live classes from 20 different studios. You are never alone.


Ballet Beautiful

I may not be the most graceful person on the planet , but I do feel poised and proper after taking a ballet fitness class, and whose class is better than Mary Helen Bower (responsible for whipping Natalie Portman into ballet shape for the Black Swan). If anything, her own body does the talking, not to mention all the Victoria Secret models that flock to get their booty in tip top shape. Keep it cardio or try toning exercises for that sculpted ballet body. For $39.99 a month you can have access to over 200 videos.


mF Online

One workout that has been on my “venture out of my comfort zone” list is Model Fit – come to think of it, even the name simply scares me. For that reason, I had downloaded the app to my phone to try this class at the comfort of my own home. They are functional, small-muscle targeting workouts that are for the most part equipment-free. With their $20 a month program, you gain access to simple sequences from 5 to 20 minutes to get you long, lean, and sculpted.


DanceBody@Home Online

You all know my affinity for anything dance-related, and also the love we have for the DanceBody girls – we would travel anywhere to take their classes. Lucky for us, we can stream their up-to-date dance classes from anywhere. After giving birth, ready to get back on the workout wagon, DanceBody streaming classes got me through the postpartum months with their signature moves and hard-to-not-shake-your-bum songs. Starting from $35 a month, you can gain access to over 400 dance-inspired workouts.


Physique 57

I love me a good barre class, but have always been bogged down by getting my (saggy) butt into those bar barring classes – especially because here in Italy barre studios are rather scarce. Now I can feel the burn at home, with no equipment needed for these Physique 57 streaming classes. You can arrange the short exercises into your own playlist to work on what you want for the day, or even go a la carte to target certain areas. With $19.95 a month, you can get your burn on with over 80 videos and six workout programs.



The appealing aspect of yoga is it can really be done anywhere and however you want to practice – it is a personal spiritual journey. Personally, I love the spirituality side, but need someone telling me what position to get into next to make a session count. Trying to clear my mind during my practice only gets clouded when trying to think of the next flow. Brought to you by Manduka (you for sure did a warrior pose or two on their mats), you can stream over 100 yoga and meditation classes or attend any of their live classes. Try it out for a free 14-day trial and then for $19.99 a month.



After partaking in the real life grueling class that is LEK Fit, I would gladly punish myself through one of their agonizing streaming workout. And I mean that in the best possible way: I love to torture myself. Just a little warning, most of the classes call for equipment – especially a rebounder, since that is the basis of one of her signature classes. After your free 7-day trial, you can continue for $19.99 a month to stream two new fifty minute full body workouts every Wednesday straight from the LA studio.


Now I will put my money where my mouth is and start these memberships, not just have the apps downloaded. Actually, I am going to got do a workout right now – I’ll let you know how it goes.


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This article was originally published in August 2018.


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