The Best Brands And Pro Tips For The Perfect No Makeup-Makeup Glow

by Team ATPB

Wedding season is coming to an end, and I have received a personal record: ten invites in less than two months. Although most of my friends have no desire to get married (preferring engagement ring over the classic wedding ring), certainly we cannot say that the ritual of the public “I do” has entirely gone out of fashion. There are the Grace Kelly brides that choose a classic, timeless dress, those that opt for a boho chic look and those that prefer a straight-up evening dress. What matters is finding your personal style, which is what really makes the look of the ceremony unforgettable.

Obviously, it is not only about the dress –the beauty is also working overtime for the big day. And what I most noticed (and inspired me to write this to begin with) is that 100% of the future brides in my friendcircle opted for a “no makeup” look (which translates to: “invisible makeup”). They opted for a minimal and extremely natural finish, but at the same time the look was impeccable. To say that this is a trend is no doubt, and the runway only solidified it: from Mansur Gavriel to Prabal Gurung, Alexander Wang to Victoria Beckham, the majority of the catwalks saw a super natural makeup theme. As we watch the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival this week it’s clear that even celebrities have caught on to the No Makeup Makeup Movement.

One of the makeup artists loved among the stars, Hung Vanngo tells us, “Spoiler: most importantly, ‘no makeup’ makeup never means no makeup at all.” Quite the contrary. For the best results, the experts explain, never skip the first fundamental step; which is to prepare the skin by exfoliating and hydrating, then finishing with a lifting cream. With properly prepared skin, it is not necessary to use a lot of foundation or concealer – the quantity is minimal and coverage is light.

The second step is to choose the right mix of foundation, concealer and blush. The point is – as Vanngo as well as my other makeup artist friends suggest – not only finding the type and tone that is right for your face, but also knowing how to apply the product correctly.

That’s why the cosmetic houses and many new indie brands have taken two routes; on one hand, they focus on products that result in an extremely natural look (for example: the brand bareMinerals), and on the other hand, they create a custom line composed of foundation, concealer and blush with light and modular textures (and often also without silicone or elements that could cause irritations – for example Gucci Westman and Perricone MD), easy to apply and transversal in terms of targets.

We can define this second category as Athleisure Makeup: a set of products characterized by a formulation that makes them ideal for every day, and in particular before a gym session because they are resistant and light. They are perfect for those who want to cleanse the face and give a light touch of color to the face and lips without needing a mirror to apply makeup. Whether this is just beauty trend or a reflection of our modern lifestyles, where life is just a series of deadlines apparoaching at breakneck speed, women are on the hunt for makeup that covers small imperfections without altering the texture of the skin or creating a mask effect. To avoid it the dreaded mask, as suggested by Vanngo, apply the foundation before the concealer (or cast aside the concealer entirely) and be sure to find a shade that corresponds perfectly to your skin color – keep that in mind while you clean out your makeup bag.

Ready to go shopping? Here are a few No Makeup Makeup brands that we adore:

We already mentioned the line Gucci Westman, Westman Atelier, a collection of, using her own words, “consciously crafted beauty”. Their star product is the Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick from the modular coverage to the silky finish. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients (Westman suffered from rosacea in the past) and is perfect for camouflaging the lines of aging.

Almost all the products are creams. The pack, which we love, leaves you with the simplest application. Ultimately, it is the ideal brand for those who love quick makeup.

Staying on theme with famous names in the beauty world, we cannot overlook Honest Beauty, the line by Jessica Alba. Their strong points are light textures and nuances designed to emphasize, not alter, the natural beauty of every woman.

From the contouring palettes to the cream blush, even the lip gloss and the cream foundation, the objective is to create a perfect brand for every skin color and tone. The ingredients are formulated internally at Honest, and are, for the most part, natural and organic. One of our favorites in this line is the Everything Primer Glow

Not at all new to the trend is the collection No Makeup Makeup from Perricone MD.

Decidedly complete, it ensures a natural result, and if you are only going to choose one product, our suggestion is to opt for the No Foundation Foundation Serum, a product halfway between foundation and serum that minimizes pores, offering good coverage alongside protection from sun damage.

Another OG on the scene is bareMinerals. Although online beauty communities lately prefer the creamier and more satiny formulas, powder foundations are still among the best sellers of this historic brand that has always focused on a minimalist look.

Even the newer brands like Glossier and Milk Makeup have immediately conquered the hearts of true beauty addicts, though who wouldn’t love something packaged so perfectly?

My personal lifelong go-to is Laura Mercier – here in Italy it has only recently arrived, but the concealers and foundation are admired by bloggers and makeup artist alike.

Ready to meet the end of summer with a new no makeup makeup look? Here is some useful advice for an exceptional result.

Pick a light foundation. Whether it is cream or powder, it is ideal to tap and apply it little at a time for the most natural result possible.

Use the concealer only where it is necessary.

Even the color of the eyelid, erasing any discoloration: for example, try using a cream-beige eye shadow emphasized with a not too dark brown in the eyelid fold. Apply a brown pencil beneath and above the lash line.

Mascara: for this look it is not necessary. Try using a transparent product!

Blush: a hard no to very intense colors and shimmer. Apply with a specific brush on your cheekbones and cheeks for a good-looking finish.

Lip trick: opt for neutral colors, even transparent ones and always hydrating with a light plumping effect. Watch out for the lip pencil – it should be the same color of the lipstick or gloss.


Credit ph: @romyglow

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