Ten Original Beauty Products With Captivating Packaging

by Team ATPB

From peel-off lipstick to a mask that comes off with a magnet, to lipstick that comes in the shape of a bottle: the makeup industry knows exactly how to captivate the hearts of beauty addicts. These new products offer original features and unusually delicious packaging that transforms these products into collectables. Weve selected a few products that really sparked our curiosity. Have a look at the gallery and see just what were talking about!

Ten Original Beauty Products With Captivating Packaging

Lavender Bath Brew is an organic lavender bath infusion containing Epsom salt, raw Cocoa butter, Lavender essential oil and powdered Goats milk. Let your warm bath infuse andenjoy!  


MAGNETIGHT AGE-DEFIERby Dr.Brandt is a regenerating magnetic mineral mask. It contains an Iron powder and Tourmaline-based formula (Tourmaline is the strongest gem that eliminates negative energy and transforms it into positive energy) that purifies, protects and revitalizes skin, leaving it especially  energized. Its uniqueness? The magnet allows you to remove the product without using water.

It is not your usual eyeliner. Japanese Doll Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Gel comes in a container in the shape of a Japanese doll and is super cute. For those who love the Kawaii style.

A fun way to clean your brushes – which is usually a very tedious task. These colourful silicone cleaners come in the shape of corn and are collectable. 

Holo Rainbow Highlighter is made of rainbow coloured powders. For an oleographic makeup look that will  create the eyes and face of a true unicorn lover!

Waterproof Peel Off Tint Eyebrows Gel Long Lasting is a brow dye which goes on with a brush and then peels off about two hours after application. To reshape your gaze in anunusual way!

Kit UV Gel Polish Remover is made of small caps that are placed over fingers to remove gel manicures. Just wrap fingers in the acetone-soaked cotton, then place in the remover and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Fun, isnt it?

Wine or lip stain? The POPFEEL Wine Bottle Lipstick liquid matte lipstick packaging is truly original.

Peel Off Mask Lip Gloss it the current trend: the lipstick is applied to lips, left to dry for about 10 minutes and then peels off like a mask. Lips will have a coloured base that can be enhanced with a lip gloss.

Eyeliner stencils constitute the easiest way to draw a black line or the perfect smokey line. Try them!

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