Temperatures Rising, Throw on the Sequins

by Tamu McPherson

Tamu McPherson Wearing an Attico Dress


Meet one of my all time favorite dresses. I bought this Attico white sequin gown by way of a personal order with the brand last year. A personal order occurs when you are invited to purchase directly from the brand at a discount rather than from a retailer. If you are a fan of sequins and feathers, you will agree that this dress is nothing short of perfection. Like my girl Michelle Elie would say, it’s mega. 


Tamu McPherson Wearing an Attico Dress


Since receiving it last year, I’ve only wore it once. I know, how is that possible considering its wowness? However, the shoulder straps were too long when it arrived. Not realizing this until a few hours before boarding a train to attend my friend Umindi’s wedding in Ravello, I was forced to mend on-the-go so that I could wear it to the rehearsal dinner that night. I will tell you now, I am no seamstress and my DIY fix was precarious at best, which left me feeling that the on-the-spot stitching would unravel at any moment during the party. For some fashion miracle that I am grateful for, the dress held up and I promised myself to have it altered just as soon as I returned to Milan.


Tamu McPherson Wearing an Attico Dress


That promise fell into the basket of ones that are almost always broken. Fast forward to a year later and I was only then dropping it off at my local tailor 5 days before Bulgari’s “The Story, The Dream” event in Rome. Hey, life is hectic – but how glamorous did I look raising the temperatures in Rome’s Piazza Del Popolo last week? Ok, the 40°C temperatures were definitely the result of global warming, but we can all pretend it was me… right?

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned here before and in my column for Grazia UK, I am committed to wearing every item in my closet on a repeat basis. Sequins with feathers, or non. It’s a little way for me to support sustainability in fashion and to address my ego driven tendencies to acquire unnecessary things in the pursuit of fleeting happiness.


Tamu McPherson Wearing an Attico Dress


What pieces are you committed to repeating? How do you remind yourself to keep your closet on full rotation? Do you use an APP? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. Are you a sequins kind of bird? Well, I’ve selected a few dresses for you, and they are all on SALE!


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Images by Kimberley Ross

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