Tamu’s Cafe: Heart to Heart With Edward Buchanan

by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,
Welcome to the latest episode of Tamu’s Cafe – A picnic and long-awaited sit down with my friend Edward Buchanan, the designer behind Sansovino 6. In this video, we talk about Edward’s incredible career, his  love of Milan, and we address racial ignorance on social media and in general. It’s a long video, rich with inspiration for those starting out in fashion and for those who are interested in moving to a foreign country. Make a sandwich, grab a drink, sit down and enjoy.

xoxo, Tamu

Tamu’s Cafe Specials

Roasted Chicken, Mozzarella, Tomato and Kale on Wheat Sandwiches.
I picked up the roasted chicken at a gourmet deli near my apartment. They use “Nostrano” chickens that are raised free range and grass fed in Italy. I asked them to cut the chicken in quarters so that I could easily carve out slices for our sandwiches. I added fresh mozzarella and tomato because I am a huge fan of the combination better known as a “caprese salad.” I added a leaf of kale because we forgot to pick up basil at the market and the sandwich needed something green.

Fruit Salad
I chopped up oranges, watermelon, peaches and mango into cubes and through them into a glass container for some yellow and red goodness.

I added freshly squeezed lemons and honey to hot water, let the mixture cool to room temperature and then chilled it in the refrigerator. Portions are to taste, it depends on how sweet and tangy you prefer your lemonade.

Music – Waves by Super Agent.

Special thanks to Beside Communications, Edward Buchanan, Ale Dotti, Annina Piana and Julia Capresi.


This was originally published in June 2014.

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