#14 – Talking Optimism with Pablo Arroyo and Chef Luigi Taglienti

by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,
In this episode of Tamu’s Cafe, I discuss the meaning of optimism with Art Director Pablo Arroyo and Chef Luigi Taglienti over a dish of cold, lemon polenta. Watch as we prepare this end-of- Summer/early-Autumn dish and talk about the importance of being optimistic.
Tamu McPherson (TMP), Luigi Taglienti (LT), Pablo Arroyo (PA)

TMP: So, Luigi, tell us what we’ve prepared today.
LT: So, today we were inspired by our ingredients that are typical of the end-of-summer transitional period leading to autumn and all the things it brings. So, I prepared a cold, lemon polenta dish which is a bit acidic; so I cooked it enough to make it creamy, but I didn’t cook it for that long so it actually remains granular; it maintains an interesting texture, almost sand-like, along with a yellow peach and a porcino mushroom, and a mixed herb salad. Very simple.  
TMP: So Pablo, we asked you to come over today to talk about optimism. Before you give us your take on optimism, and what it means today, what it means in your life, can you just tell us what you do?
PA: Ok, now Im an art director.  I studied as a photographer a long time ago.  And it came natural to, since I studied graphic design, it was natural to become an art director, following magazines, brands, for not only fashion.
TMP: Awesome. Ok, so, tell us about your feeling of being optimistic. 
PA: Itsyou have to be optimistic. All the time. Its something that you need to do your work at its best and to get work, to actually get to relate with people. Nobody wants to have like a bad, moody guy next to them, or someone who is always complaining aboutlike that or how youre dressing or how you look. Everybody needs someone to give them a little bit of energy, or a little bit to change the vision of their day, basically. I mean its very easy, you  dont have to be optimistic in big scale, thats likePiece by piece, and you get the result, I think.
TMP: And do you think that optimism is a key quality that a leader has to have?
PA: Yes.
TMP: Do you think it makes a difference?
PA: Yes, it makes a difference because you have to have the vision of where you want to go, and you have to have the vision of thatyoure going to have a lot of obstacles to eliminate, so you really have to be able to read signals because you have to give energy to people to help you out during the whole journey. So I mean, its the same, you have toits like a little fuel for people that work with you, they really need to see that you have not just the power but the love of what youre doing and that you believe in it.  And thats when people follow you.
TMP: Luigi?
LT: Optimism is a wonderful concept.  In my opinion, it’s like injecting a dose of positivity in your daily life.  It’s essential because when you have a vision, you don’t always manage to realize it… that is, you have a vision, a mission, right?  And it’s not always so easy to follow it through.  But with optimism, always looking forward, being positive, allows you to keep focused and to believe, and to continue believing in what is essentially true for you; having a positive outlook on things in day-to-day life allows you to reach the goals you set for yourself and to never lose sight of the objective.
PA: And then… I think optimism also keeps you young.
TMP: Yes
LT: It’s true
PA: Because it helps you try.  I don’t cook, and now I’ve seen, that it’s difficult, but another person can stimulate me to try.  Perhaps I won’t be able to do it, but I have to be optimistic and say, “hey, I’m going to try too.”  And that’s especially… the three of us have creative jobs and being optimistic always holds lots of surprises.
LT: Yes. I think it’s like being constantly hungry. Hunger being the desire to reach the next objective. Like a puzzle. Life is like a puzzle. Every little piece gives you the opportunity to look for another piece and build something elsewhere. Imagine a puzzle with 10 million pieces. If you start to crack on the third piece, you have to be optimistic and try to get to the end. This is kind of a concept.
PA: Its a bit like curiosity. Hunger is like curiosity.
LT: Yes, exactly.
PA: And also not being afraid of feelings, sensations, and of time. If I open the window and it’s raining, perhaps I’ll have fun anyway. Or perhaps I’ll go and buy myself a trench coat to cover myself. I mean, there’s always something positive you can think about doing. Once I was speaking to my father and he said, “Ok, negative words need to be substituted.” And it’s true because that kind of changes the way you approach your day.
TMP: You need to substitute them with positive words?
PA: Yes, exactly. It’s just a little thought, I can’t but… let’s see what happens. Open the door and perhaps nothing will happen, yet if you don’t open it, you’ll never know. 

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