Swarovski Elements Sparkly Advent Calendar

by Tamu McPherson


Hello Pretty Birds,

Are you ready for the holidays? I’ve been picking up stocking stuffers here and there, but haven’t began any real shopping yet. How about you guys? Knee-deep in holiday gift-giving? I’ve seen some seriously inspiring on-line gift guides, eh hem, like the ones on Grazia.it (wink). Another amazing list can be found on the Swarovski Elements Facebook page in the form of an advent calendar. If anyone on your list is into major glitter, or if you’re looking for a little sparkle for New Year’s Eve, this calendar is perfect! Revealed daily, the suggested items are from an array of different designers, are all made with Swarovski Elements, and include shoes, jewelry, jeans and swimwear. And, to keep the sparkle at it max, Swarovski Elements is also offering two visitors a chance to win a pair of Kennel & Schmenger Limited Edition sneakers or stilettos, plus other brilliant surprises. Sounds jolly to me, how about you? Happy holiday shopping! xoxo, Tamu

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