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What Super Woman RX Power Body Type Are You?

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Roki Prunali | Thursday July 5th 2018

I have probably driven you all crazy by now with the diets I have tried, want to try, or am scared of even attempting, but I am still on the hunt for the one that’s just right for me. Throughout the years, I have picked apart different diets for my body because there is no right diet for all. When I came across this new wellness book based on your “power type”, safe to say my curiosity peaked. 

The author, Dr. Taz Bhatia began to see a pattern emerge after treating over 10,000 women in her functional medicine practice. Most women feel pressured into being super women, doing it all, juggling different roles, but in the end result is major burnout, disease, anxiety, depression, and infertility. This diet aims to get those super powers back and get your mojo going. The pattern of women’s state of health is broken down into five predominate power types. But don’t be mistaken; Dr. Taz would be the first to tell you that nothing is one-size-fits-all.

Super Woman RX


Super Woman RX  helps you “discover the secrets to lasting health, your perfect weight, energy and passion with Dr. Taz’s Power Type Plans.” In anticipation of my book’s arrival, I made my way to the website to take the quiz to see which of the five power women I actually am. Just by the titles – Gypsy Girl, Boss Lady, Savvy Chick, Earth Mama, and Nightingale – I had a hunch I would be typecast as a Gypsy Girl. I consider myself a vagabond, a wanderlust that just goes with the flow, so I was convinced that would be my type. Turns out I am a Boss Lady, something I always strive to be, but not something I would ever describe myself as.

Here is a quick overview of the five power types outlined in the book:

Gypsy Girl
Alter Ego: The Artist

Super Powers: Creativity, artistic talent: When in balance, Gypsy Girls express their powers in form of strong bursts of creative energy. When working at their optimum, these power types are fearless, passionate, and productive. They excel at translating their creativity into amazing works of art, music, or literature.
Kryptonite: Anxiety, fear, lack of structure, lack of sleep, overcommitting. Gypsy Girls have a tendency to get caught up in their creativity, so caught up that they forget basic care such as eating, exercising, etc. Gypsy Girl types are prone to pushing themselves too hard, and when they do they get overwhelmed and can experience dizziness, excessive fear, and the feeling of being disconnected from their bodies.
Body Type: Thin, wiry, lean. Gypsy Girls tend to have a lighter frame and excellent agility. This Power Type also struggles with dry skin and hair and cold hands and feet. Gypsy Girls are prone to weight loss, joint pain and weakness.
Basic Gypsy Girl Rules: Wake up with a morning tonic and grounding exercise. Try to meet daily protein and fat goals. Maintain an anti-inflammatory and gluten free diet. Try to not exceed 1,800 calories. Most of all sleep well.  


Boss Lady
Alter Ego: The Commander

Super Powers: When at peak performance, Boss Ladies are powerhouses – they have a strong drive, are competitive and intense and like challenges. They tend to be athletic and at work they are leaders, ability to accomplish tasks efficiently while commanding respect.
Kryptonite: Stress and anger. Boss Ladies can burn out and flare up when they get out of sync. Their power- draining weaknesses surface when they misplace their off switch. While they tend to love socializing, Boss Ladies can over do it, talk too much, become restless, and have insomnia. Coffee, too many engagements, and the highly competitive exercises they love can all drain Boss Ladies.
Body Type: Medium size and weight. Thinning hair and hair loss are common. A Boss Lady tends to run hot in body temperature. In balance, Boss Ladies can have great complexions. When off-kilter, Boss Ladies can suffer from skin rashes.
Basic Boss Lady Rules: Reset your pH in the morning. Detox from dairy and yeast. Skip red meat but be sure to get in your 40 to 50 grams of protein a day. Eat a lot finer, but limit your daily calories to 1,800.


Savvy Chick
Alter Ego: The Visionary

Super Powers: When in optimal balance and health, Savvy Chicks can have powers from both the spheres of Gypsy Girls and Boss Ladies. That can mean potent creativity and passion, plus a strong drive and work ethic. This combination can manifest itself in a true inventor and creator of bold businesses, products or progressive families. Kryptonite: A Savvy Chick’s ultimate weakness is that her emotions pull her in two different directions. The artist in her wants to stay true to her visions and drams and to follow the flow of creative energy, but the commander in her demands productivity, results and structure. The Savvy Chick vacillates between creativity and inspiration and ordered schedules and tangible outcomes, all while insisting on adherence to her busy regimen- which can add up to burnout, blowups and exhaustion.
Body Type: Medium to overweight. Savvy Chicks are prone to poor circulation and to cold hands and feet. Their skin is often rough, dry and oily. Savvy Chicks often have large pores and hair that tends toward dryness.
Basic Savvy Chick Rules: Don’t use electronics until after breakfast. Incorporate daily grounding exercise. Meet daily protein and fat goals, avoid gluten and dairy.


Earth Mama
Alter Ego: The Nurturer and the Peacemaker

Super Powers: When they’re fully balanced, Earth Mamas are strong, steady and stable – full of calm energy and great physical strength. Vibrantly healthy Earth Mamas are grounded, nurturing and compassionate. These power types are known for bringing people together, make great mediators and peacemakers and reliable friends, and are the bedrock of the family.
Kryptonite: Overcommitting, people pleasing, weight gain, isolation. Earth Mamas are prone to worry and meddling. When they get in an off-kilter state of mind, Earth Mamas are vulnerable to being taken advantage of, falling into the role of caretaker of the whole world, leaving no time to care for themselves.
Body Type: Large and heavy frame. Tendency to be overweight or obese when out of balance.
Basic Earth Mama Rules: Eat every three hours and track your daily food and calories. Get protein from plant-based sources. Modify carb and fat intake. Go sugar and dairy free.


Alter Ego: The Saint

Super Powers: When a Nightingale has balanced energy, she will always save the day. Her super powers include those of an Earth Mama’s steadfastness, nurturing, and compassion and also the Gypsy Girl’s passion, determination, and artistic and creative expression. When balanced, Nightingale’s can access and express all these qualities.
Kryptonite: Immune deficiency, depression, isolation, and anxiety. This combination Power Type can be thrown off by anxiety and fear, and to make matters worse, she can be overwhelmed by her Earth Mama characteristic of having flimsy boundaries.
Body Type: Nightingales can vary in body type, but usually have a small to medium build and are prone to either losing or gaining weight.
Basic Nightingale Rules: Drink a daily immune booster and take immunity-protecting supplements. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet while avoiding refined sugars. Treat yourself to weekly bodywork and prioritize sleep.

If you feel like you resonate any of these Power Types, try and take the quiz and follow a three-week diet plan that Dr. Taz uniquely provides for you.

Though my quiz may have revealed that I am a Boss Lady, I see a lot of myself in the Gypsy Girl as well. So, I am self-diagnosing (I am no expert, just a gut feeling) as a hybrid. Also, Gypsy Girls associate themselves with Vata in Ayureveda, which definitely reflects my nature. Taking into consideration Dr. Taz’s action steps, I implemented a few pearls into my developing trial-and-error diet. Trying to skip the red meat and dairy is on my agenda, which is going to be an uphill battle, but steering towards a plant-based diet is a personal feat I strive to eventually overcome. What I most took away from this book was more of an understanding of myself – from my personality characteristics (most I never would use to describe myself, but they rang so true), lifestyle tendencies, my kryptonite, to my body type. Now I just have to work on building up my super woman powers.


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