Sunscreens: how to choose the right one for you


Sunscreens: how to choose the right one for you

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Michela Marra | Wednesday June 14th 2017

Sunscreens: how to choose the right one for you

The Sun is good. It makes us happier, more beautiful. It is good especially for mood: spending a day at the beach, by the pool or in the mountains is the best way to enjoy the summer days. Sunbathing, however, has to be made correctly: with the new formulations, solar creams today provide protection against high range UVB and UVA besides having versatile textures that perfectly adapt to the lifestyle of each of us. We suggest you some of this season’s must have and we reveal a few secrets to sunbathe in complete safety.

How we choose the solar cream?
A high protection ensures all skins are adequately protected. The Sun Protection Factor indicates the shield from UVB rays with a number and the protection from UVA (the rays responsible for photo-aging) must be at least one third of the expected for UVB. Once you have chosen the SPF, you can really indulge with textures: the cream is for those who want a deep hydration, the oil is ideal for those who love shiny and elastic leather while the spray is perfect for those who want a quick and targeted application.

Which is the sunscreen suitable for athletes?
Sunscreens once contained mostly physical filters and then, with the high SPF, released on the skin a white veil; In addition, they were oily formulas, a characteristic of high filters. Today there are physical filters with extremely fine particles which are invisible; then, are used latest-generation chemical filters that protect against UVA and UVB rays, and being photostable have a long lasting action. Before you had to reapply the sunscreen every forty minutes, today you can stay safely in the sun even for two hours. Finally, new emulsifying ingredients have solved the problem of oiliness. Those who love being in the water will choose special water resistant sunscreens: polymer-rich and film forming, they keep longer the ingredients on your skin, forming a kind of shield.

Why is aftersun care so important?
After sun exposure, which today is more active than in the past, the skin is wrinkled and flushed; and after taking a shower at the end of the day, it is still redder because surfactants of foam bath remove what’s left of the hydrolipidic mantle already impoverished by the sun. Aftersun is critical because reconstitutes the hydrolipidic film. Today there are all kinds of aftersun, from those super fluid that leave no trace to the more buttery, suitable for the driest skins.

Are you ready to enjoy the summer sun? Choose from the following products we have tested for you.

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