Sunscreen for hair: the must have and our recommendations


Sunscreen for hair: the must have and our recommendations

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Michela Marra | Friday June 30th 2017

Sunscreen for hair: the must have and our recommendations

Not only protected skin. Even hair need a special attention when they are exposed to the sun: external agents such as sun and saltiness, in fact, tend to weaken and dry them. Furthermore, the infrared radiation alter the microcirculation of the scalp and so it undermine the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the roots. To avoid that, then, autumn present the bill, you have to create a shield between the head of hairs and the sun. Here are some products that can help you.

Collistar protective oil Spray for colored hair

This oil spray protects not only the hair texture but also prevents the alteration of the colour due to the frequent exposure to sunlight. Suitable for any type of hair, it gives brilliance without making them greasy. The result? The heads of hairs are shiny and full of vitality.

Biopoint Solaire Hair Milk

This sun milk has a light texture. Its special formula contains Colour Protective System, a complex of solar filters that protect hair from colour toning, parching and opacity, Ceramides with hydrating and restitutive action and grape extract, well known for its anti-oxidant properties. Spray it on wet or dry hair before and during sun exposure.

Solarium Sun Hair

It is an ultra-light protective fluid that creates an invisible barrier to external aggression, helping to preserve the colour and fibre from the damages of UVA/UVB rays. Finally, it detangles the hair making it soft and silky.

Protecting Oil body & Hair of Yves Rocher

It is an oil with a fresh and hydrating texture that is easy to apply thanks to its spray bottle. It is designed both to repair your hair from the sun’s rays and to accelerate body tanning while guaranteeing protection.

BC Sun Protect Shimmer Oil of Schwarzkopf

It contrasts the harmful effect of free radicals, giving a glossy and glistening effect and protects against UV rays. Moreover, it gives a glossy and glistening effect with its shiny particles. The waterproof formula will not make your hair heavy. Suitable for all kinds of hair.

Rituel Solaire by René Furterer

It protects hair exposed to the sun and deeply repair them thanks to sesame oil associated with UV filters. Moreover, the wealth of its texture brings intense nutriment and donates to hair a bathed and shining effect.

Velo Solare by L’Erbolario

It filters the sunlight thanks to gamma oryzanol, while coconut oil and Babassu oil, together with Monoi protect the hair fibre stretching out an invisible film on the shaft of the hair. Their action gives the hair a silky and shiny look. Finally, the dehydrating and disentangling virtues of the sensorial agent from olive oil also ensure a never greasy or oily effect, but a soft and fluffy one.


What to do before exposure
Avoid treatments like tints and dyes at least for two weeks before departure.
Apply your protective product: oil is ideal for drier hair, the cream for long hair while sprays for shorter ones.

What to do during exposure
Use a light-coloured hat better if in cotton and with light colours.
Apply the sunscreen for hair at least once every two/three hours.

What to do after exposure
Use specific after Sun shampoo that eliminates saltiness and nourish your hair.
Never renounce to your balm.
Use a blow dryer at low temperatures.

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