Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

by Team ATPB

Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin by Michela Marra

Hi Pretty Birds,

Is your skin sensitive, just like mine? If you would like some peace of mind while you’re vacationing at the sea, in the mountains or poolside, your best bet is to choose a sunscreen specifically formulated for sensitive skin in order to enjoy your relaxing time away from the city. Here are some products that have been developed for those of us with particularly sensitive skin which is subject to spots and redness. Ps: if you’ve recently gotten a tattoo, choose one of these maximum protection products!

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Shiseido Expert Sun Protection Lotion Spf 50 is a face and body lotion that is ideal for delicate, sensitive skin. Also perfect for those who love outdoor sports, its innovative Wet Force technology increases protection efficiency when it comes into contact with water and sweat.

La Roche Posay Anthelios KA guarantees 24 hour hydration combined with a daily broad-spectrum photoprotection of SPF 50+. Its texture is comfortable and not greasy and can also be used as a make up base.

Avène Miracle Cream SPF 50 offers very high solar protection for intolerant or fragile skin on the face. It is highly water resistant and does not contain chemical filters.

Comforte Zone SUN SOUL MILK SPF30 is a water resistant body milk spray that offers high UVA and UVB protection. Enriched with active anti-age ingredients, it is ideal for preserving skin’s beauty. Its formula has been developed to protect and contrast visible signs of ageing thanks to a biomimetic peptide which helps defend skin against damage from solar exposure.

Bioderma Tinted Cream Photoderm AR Spf 50 is specifically suitable for sensitive skin that is prone to reactions, blotches or other forms of redness.

Bionike Defence Sun 30 is a fluid sunscreen with an ultra-light, non-greasy formula. It gives skin on the face a matte effect. It defends skin against short term damage thanks to its innovative Network Expert technology which optimizes the UVA-UVB filter system’s efficiency. It also counters free radicals generated by IR rays and protects against long term biological damage.

Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for face Spf50 is a 100% delicate mineral solar protection cream. Its ultra-light formula goes on easily and is quickly absorbed, offering broad-spectrum protection which helps alleviate irritation. Thanks to the Invisible Shield technology, it creates a protective film which is virtually invisible on all skin tones.

Vichy Ideal Soleil anti-macchie Spf50 corrects flaws since it contains Phe-Resorcinol 0,3%, which is known for its anti-spot action that blocks the production of Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for producing melanin. It also evens skin without weighing it down thanks to its Dry Touch texture made of mineral pigments. Finally, it offers protection against UVB/UVA solar rays as well as UVA long rays.

Kaleido Latte Protezione ANTI OX Spf 50 has been developed for people with very fair skin. It contains the latest broad-spectrum photostable UVA and UVB filters which guarantee high protection and safety, while the Anti-Ox shield, made of Ginkgo Biloba and vitamin E polyphenols, fights oxidizing stress caused by UV rays which threaten cell integrity.

Rilastil SUN SYSTEM spf 50 Fluido Mineral is a fluid emulsion with an ultra-light texture that is particularly suited for intolerant skin that is allergic to the sun and that is highly photosensitive.  

La Biosthetique Skin Soleil SPF 50 pampers the most sensitive skin with a pleasant scent created especially for by internationally renown perfumer Geza Schön.

Leocrema Stick Solare Spf50 has been specifically developed to protect the more delicate, vulnerabile areas of the face and body: when applied on nose, lips, eye contour, beauty marks, scars and spots, it guarantees complete protection from UVA, UVB and IR rays. It is also excellent for protecting tattoos.

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