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Summer Velvets

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday May 17th 2017

Okay-I know what you’re thinking, velvets in the summer? You must be crazy! But hear me out Pretty Birds. While most of us might have gotten our velvet fix over the long months of fall and winter wear velvet everything was to be seen as a street star staple this past season. I would like to argue that this luxurious fabric could be just as awesome during the balmy days of summer. In particular, it is the perfect thing to wear now with the temperature fluctuating from the scorching 80s to chilly 50s in the span of a day.

What makes this trend work for the warmer months is finding pieces with the ideal cut and color. Bright jewel tones and pastille confections make for the perfect palette for sunny days. While looking for the best summer pieces go with items that are a lighter velvet material or something with a skimpier cut like this adorable pair of Topshop flirty shorts or this sultry slip dress from Fleur Du Mal. Both make for the perfect summer style statement and can be dressed down with a basic cotton tee or elevated with a silk tank. So what are you waiting for? Have we convinced you to try this tricky trend for yourself this season? For our favorite summer pieces check out our round-up below.

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