Summer hair: hairstyles to get an easy but super cool look


Summer hair: hairstyles to get an easy but super cool look

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Michela Marra | Friday July 21st 2017

Summer hair: hairstyles to get an easy but super cool look by Marta Depoli e Nina Montironi

It is universally acknowledge that hair and summer don’t get along well. Blame it on the sun, on hot weather or salty water, we never really know how to tame our mane into practical-but-chic looks. Which is exactly what we asked the stylists at GUM Hair Salon, Milan’s go-to place for the always on point look. 

First things first, it is important to differentiate between the many types of hair, each of which will have its specific options of styles. Here are their tips.

For long and straight hair

“In this case every hairstyle will do and you can really try them all –say the hair stylists-. Based on the mood you are trying to get, you can create high ponytail or buns. During the day at the beach or when it’s hot our advice is to be careful not to pull the hair to tightly to recreate a casual and natural effect. While for the evening there’s no such thing as “too tight”, you can get it right using either a matte wax or a shiny pomade. An alternative is the old but gold lateral braid, or if you are in a hurry, the evergreen ponytail. You could also decide to play with some accessories such as bandanas or foulards from the 70s”.

For the straight bob

“For those with a medium/long bob à la Charlize Theron or like Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction”, it is ok to try different hair styles such as two tiny buns on either side of the head or one high or low big bun based on the hair’s length. For what concerns braids instead, we recommend them to those with longer bobs, who can easily create two low smaller braids with the hair parted in the middle. To get a less messy look, we advise you to use some water wax such as our GUM Pomade Night Out, for a great wet like look. If your hair is long enough you could also try to create a small ponytail, either using all of your hair or just the upper ones. In case you are sporting the classic Audrey Tautou’s bob (never forget Amélie), your only option is to play with the styling, making it either voluminous and messy, thanks to a salty styling spray, like GUM’s Salty Wind, or using big colored hair bands.

For long and curly hair

Every other options working for long and straight hair will do even with curly ones: braids, ponytails and buns are all good choices, even if the final effect will obviously be slightly different. In these cases it is vital to “prepare” your hair, untangling it and making it perfectly ready to be styled.”

For curly bobs

“With this particular hairstyle the cooler option is to accurately comb your hair and to strictly pull some of them behind your ear, fixing it with bobby pins and hair spray, leaving those on the other side of the head slightly curly with the help of some hydrating cream such as the GUM Grooming Balm. You can also always decide to use some hair accessories if that fits your style.”

For short hair

“In this case it is obviously impossible to pull up your hair so the only option (beside hair accessories) is to get creative with the styling. It can be either natural and voluminous, using the salty hairspray, or more uptight with a matte final effect obtained with the help of a matte wax like our GUM Rough Paste. Another possible alternative which is also perfect for the nights out, is to pull all of the hair back and fix them with a pomade to get a stylish wet and shiny look.”

Take a look at the gallery with all hair looks


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