Striped Manicure: Striped Nail

by Team ATPB

Striped Manicure: Striped Nail Art By Michela Marra

Striped manicures know no limits. They can be gorgeous when bicolour, or dramatic when enhanced with shiny or fluorescent hues. If, like us, you are trying this for the first time, get some help from nail art experts. We asked the very talented Angela and Laura from, true nail art experts.

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“Use a fine brush with a long tip,” suggest the two beauty bloggers. “Dip it into the nail polish and place it flat onto the nail. Alternately, if you’re not that precise, you can use adhesive nail art strips (you can find them in all beauty shops) and easily create the effect, even in a mirror,  super chrome version.” (not sure what the quote is trying to say here)

“Never rush,” warn Angela and Laura. “The worst thing that can happen is that the line will turn out wavy. Don’t give up at the slightest challenge: practice is the best way to perfect your technique.”

Ready to try a new manicure? Look through the gallery at some of the top looks as seen on Instagram along with some nail art by Non Solo Kawaii.

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