Stephanie LaCava ❘ Fierce, Fun and Feminine

by Tamu McPherson


Stephanie looks Parisian sleek in a Zac Posen blazer and ombre-backed skirt, Isabel Marant shirt, Ann Demeulemeester boots, her mother’s eelskin clutch and Oliver People’s sunglasses.

When I asked her about her inspiration for this look, she shared:
“You can’t let anyone know what you’re thinking. This is fierce from the front and it’s fun, little more feminine when you turn around– I love how Zac did shirring and ombre from tan to grey at the back of the skirt. PS- the lady next to me looks far cooler.”

I couldn’t agree more with Stephanie. I love a little mystery when it comes to fashion. I adore guessing a style inspirations next step, and I am seriously inspired by spontaneity in one’s style (all traits for which Stephanie is admired).

Thanks Steph, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next fashion month!

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