Exclusive: Stella McCartney Spring 2015 in Milan

by Tamu McPherson

Hey Guys!!!!!
I was so excited when I learned that Stella McCartney was bringing her Spring 2015 collection to Milan. I was blown away when ATPB was granted an EXCLUSIVE video interview with the designer herself (Thank you Stella, we love you!). I’m a huge fan of the brand – I love the tailoring and am consistently captivated by the dresses. I admire Stella because of her sincerity, strong commitment to her beliefs, and because of the confidence and sensuality that she breathes into her collections. Qualities that I believe came brilliantly through in our interview. Here’s the finished product. Hope that you love it as much as we do. xoxo, Tamu
Presented in Milan’s Botanical Garden, the festivities included a Bocce court, pizza booth, lemonade making stand for the little ones, tons of yummy treats and even a flat screen TV for the World Cup broadcast – a little something for everyone.
As noted in the press notes, the spirit of the collection is free, eclectic, full of energy and movement. Have a look at the video and take note of perforated safari fabrics paired with jacquard motifs, summer tweeds, ever-cool bombers with a single swallow on the back, and the season’s hero logo, “Stellasuperheroes.” Stella you’re my hero, thanks again for bringing your collection to Milan!
Interview by Tamu McPherson and Sara Schifano
Video by Luca Spreafico
Production by Annina Piana
Music – Flowers in Your Hair by The Lumineers
A very special THANK YOU to Alice Agnelli of Stella McCartney
Image of models courtesy of Stella McCartney

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