(How) Are You Staying Fit While Stuck at Home?

by Roki Prunali

I promised myself to be forgiving during the lockdown and not feel so guilty if I had a glass (or two) of wine each night, indulged in foods I may not normally eat or didn’t get a workout in. These days were not like any other; it is not just because we have all this time on our hands we are meant to start up all these new hobbies simply because we are stuck at home. Also, I am in awe of all those claiming boredom. I felt like I had less time to spare, not to mention entertaining two kids 24/7. Suffice to say that my beloved workouts fell by the wayside. If I don’t have someone whipping my butt into shape, I do not have much willpower to do it on my own. So staying fit during quarantine for me was heavily influenced by friends and motivating people on social media that inspire me to not completely give up. 


Our own chief lover, Tamu, challenges us daily to see #howareyoustayingfittoday and reminds us that even the little things to keep us moving, will help  us. Her daily memo and seeing her always on the go is a reminder that it’s time to get my own body moving. With it being so tough to get in the mindset of trying to stay moving in such an unprecedented time where we are urged to stay put and not frequent our normal activities, a little bit of inspiration is needed to get us all going. While being stuck at home, here are a few people that I look to for inspiration when I need that little kick in the butt to get motivated. 


Two of our Pretty Birds friends, Darrel Hunter and Candace Stewart, showed us accountability at its finest. When you have someone else doing the same thing as you, pushing and motivating you to keep going you are not only doing it for yourself to succeed but also your workout partner. For me, that is the major motivation I need. They worked out together four times a week doing strength and HIIT workouts that focused on the whole body. You could catch them doing squats, push-ups, burpees, lunges, crunches, jumping jacks, and throwing in some core to round it out. When one of them was feeling a little less motivated, the other one would encourage and push each other to stick with it. 



Kirsty Godso is a workout goddess, a Nike Master Trainer and queen of HIIT. Have you seen what she calls the “Hot Sauce Burpee”? I puff and heave through a set of normal burpees, but her rendition is on another level. During quarantine, she made it seem effortless to do all her insane moves right in the comfort of your own home. I also tend to get bored of the simple, basic (but effective) workouts to do on a mat. Kirsty always adds a little spin and spice on typical matwork HIIT exercises, leaving you definitely not bored and with an extra burn.  Not to mention you can find her workouts on the Nike Training App, so you can take them anywhere. 


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QUICK CARDIO 🔥 7 minutes in heart rate heaven 🥳💥 Try 1 round for a quick hit or go 2-3x for a full 😅 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest each exercise. Lookout for the Heartburn burpee finisher at the end 😈 1. 10x Mountain Climber/1 Tuck Jump 2. Split Hops – stay low and focus on small pop jumps – 40 seconds each leg 3. Tricep Lower to Bear Hold – knees never touch the ground!! 4. Skater Hop with Stick – stick your landing each time with a half second pause 5. Single Arm Plank Jacks – hand taps opposite shoulder while feet jack out and in 6. Extended Leg Lifts – legs long with slight bend at the knee, hips stay off the floor 7. HEARTBURN BURPEE 🌶 1 switch climber each side/1 plank tuck/1 tuck jump then repeat. LET’S WORK 🔥⚡️✨ @pyrogirls @niketraining #playinside #pyrotings

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Her unapologetic approach and infectious amount of self-love has me always looking to Gabby Prescod for inspiration. In her Instagram stories, we get the real struggles of what it is like working out – profusely sweating, hair in your face, and struggling to get into these near impossible positions. But just like her, if you push yourself and put in the work, the results are all the more gratifying. 


During quarantine, Gabby teamed up with New York Pilates and Heat – a luxury fashion mystery box delivery –  to do an Instagram Live workout with the proceeds going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. They were able to raise $26k. 



Image By Lila Ash


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