Stay Warm, Look Cool: The Only 4 Coats You Need This Winter

by Jessie Ajluni

As the temperatures continue to drop, we enter the time of the year I dread most: WINTER.  Biting wind chills and snow that turns to grey slush… I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to braving the elements during these brutal months. Preferring instead the life of a hermit, I love to bask in the warm coziness of my apartment, as opposed to roaming the mean Manhattan streets.

But, as we come ever closer to the next NYFW, I face the reality that my comfy hibernation is, sadly, coming to an end. To prepare myself for battle against the inevitable subarctic temps, I’m stepping up my outwear game this year and what better way to do it than by taking some style inspiration from last winter’s bastions of cold weatherdressing.  So today, I’m sharing four of my favorite winter coat looks shot by our fearless leader, Tamu.  From the prettiest puffers to some seriously fabulous faux furs, I am sure to be warm and well dressed for the months ahead.

Power Puff
I have a confession to make: after living in New York for over 10 years, I have never owned a puffer jacket. But, as the bard sings, the times they-are-a-changin. I’m getting my après ski vibes, and finally investing in one of these voluminous beauties. But how do I make sure I look less Michelin Man and more model of the moment? The key is in the color; go for bright pops of primary or metallic to keep from looking bulky.

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Lux In Leopard
I know that this feline fashion isn’t a new look, but I’m here to make the argument that this purrfect pattern is more classic staple than flighty trend.  Channel your inner Eartha Kitt and you’ll be the cats pajamas in these luxurious coats. If you’re feeling extra brave, why not go for the ultimate double team with clashing prints, like gorgeous Chioma here. A leopard with a dueling stripe makes for a knock out ensemble.

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Fur Friends
There is something about strutting around in what is basically a wonderfully fluffy blanket that can get me through even the harshest of seasons. It should be no surprise that this is my ideal form of outerwear.  And it seems that every fashion starlet is also feeling the furor faux furvibes. A prime statementmaker, these coats will be sure to get you snapped in a lineup of the best dressed of editors, influencers, and bloggers alike. So, go ahead and make the investment. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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In The Trenches
Can I just say how much I love a good trench coat? The ultimate transition outerwear, this item works for breezy spring days worn over a flowing dress just as well as winter nights over top of a chunky cable knit sweater. Either way, this piece is a true investment.  When it comes to selecting the perfect one, be sure to invest in a potential wardrobe MVP. Lucky for me, designers are delivering no shortage of pieces that will last for years to come, with interesting details and silhouettes. From Elizabeth and James’s coolerthancool frayed detail trench, to Gabriela Hearst’s classic double-breasted coat, these jackets are perfect for either the most experimental fashionista or the ultimate minimalist.

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Photographer: Tamu McPherson



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