Spring’s Hair Trends Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

by Roki Prunali

Spring's Hair Trends

Photo from @adeline

A few months ago, I filled you all in on my journey from long hair to short hair to that weird-in-between-growing-it-out phase hair, and on the last leg of this journey I have become more reliant on just wearing my hair in a daily bun, so you can imagine my pleasure – nay, my thrill – to welcome this season’s plethora of decorative hair accessories into my life. Spring’s hair trends are definitely leaning toward the childlike, and as a devout child of the 80s and lover of flair, I am definitely here for the nostalgia.

Without further ado, here are all of the tress-trends I’ll be indulging in this season:

The Do It Yourself

Spring's Hair Trends

Photo from @valetstudio

Years of bedazzling and beading my own necklaces has left me with utter nostalgia for this season’s barrettes. Valet Studio crafts handmade resin jewelry and hair accessories, and since my grown self no longer has the patience or the bandwidth to conceptualize and craft these delicacies, I am filling my cart full of their cutesy hair clips. These clips are also the perfect first step for those of you that are scared to commit to the full look because they are super accessibly bite-sized.

Spring's Hair Trends

Valet Studio Lulu Barrett in MintAmber and Stripe


Spring's Hair Trends

Photo from @neophytejewles

Neophyte makes customizable hair accessories, including a heavy dose of retro with their name beads. Paired with their heart pearl barrettes, the sentiment of elementary arts of crafts come alive, and right on time to treat yourself for Valentine’s Day.


A Bit of Nostalgia

Spring's Hair Trends

Photo from Bustle

There is nothing that gives me more nostalgia than a scrunchy. There’s no denying that I was hesitant to the idea of reintroducing something that so heavily influenced my 90’s aesthetic. Same feels for when Jellies came back into style: “can I really get down with this?” But I can feel myself turning a corner with scrunchies, and they’re giving me something to look forward to as my hair grows out more and more.  

Spring's Hair Trends

Sophie Buhai Elegant Silk Satin Hair Tie


The It Piece

Spring's Hair Trends

Photo from Vogue

Headbands are nothing new, but boy are they reaching new heights. When this picture surfaced on Vogue of the most stunning simple black and white image of a girl with a pearl headband, I had to know all about it. A definite investment piece, the designer Sophia Buhai, says all you need is men’s white shirt, a pair of jeans and, voila!, you have your look.

Spring's Hair Trends

Photo from Batsheva

Then there is Bathseva, who at the very last minute decided to make headscarf ties with leftover fabric from her dresses to complete the look. The result is the “last minute” look that we strive for, a.k.a. the oh this ol’ thing, I just threw it on.

Spring's Hair Trends

Batsheva Headbands

I obviously cannot touch on the topic of headbands without hailing to the ultimate fashion house: Prada. The colors may be simple, but that pumped up take on the simple headband is anything but simple. Personally, I think it is hard for Miuccia to get anything wrong, but this little accent of an accessory just makes such a bold statement.

Spring's Hair Trends

Prada Pink Large Silk Satin Heaband

The Clip it Together

Spring's Hair Trends

Photo from @ashleeroseboots

Riding that just rolled out of bed look with locks that took hours to get that beachy wave, or as they say ‘just born with it’ – and then clipping it back. Hair clips make me reminisce of the time where all you had was a pencil to throw it together.

Spring's Hair trends

Madewell Chunky Circle Hair Clip


The Hiding of Flyaways

Spring's Hair Trends

At this point I may be harping a little on the trials and tribulations of growing out my pixie cut, but the truth of the matter is that flyaways are a constant, and will be for the foreseeable future. Instead of relying on my trusty bobby pins, jazzing them up for a cuter look takes functionality up a notch.

LeLet NY X Crystal Bobbi, Barbell Bobbi and Seeing Stars Bobbi

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