by Margherita Calabi


TGIF  Pretty Birds!

It’s Friday! Time to partay, relax, let your hair down and DEFINITELY throw on a pair of these spectacular beaded Saint Laurent bobby socks. Margherita and Giulia have had their eyes on them for a while now, but we knew that they had to be this week’s splurge after I got a chance to try them on Wednesday while shooting my first ever in-studio editorial with my sweetie Elisa for MF Fashion (more on that soon :-)). When I saw them, I shamelessly shrieked, grabbed them, threw them on with my Birkenstocks and did my best rendition of a Michael Jackson’s shimmy to moonwalk transition. It was a scintillating experience and a major highlight of the day!

If you can, we highly recommend this spurge. They are smile-on-your-face every time you take a step amazing! We’d say, the perfect way to celebrate the weekend! And you totally deserve them!

We wonder if Hedi was listening to “Billie Jean” when he when he dreamt up these sparklers… You think?

You can find them here – Saint Laurent beaded bobby socks

P.S. If you want to check out my Michael rendition, check it out on Instagram – As She Caused A Scene! Make Sure that you’re not holding anything hot!! It’s hilarious!



Margherita Calabi and Giulia Capresi contributed to this post.

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