Splurge Fridays: Naturopathica Facial

by Roki Prunali


Splurge Fridays: Naturopathica Facial by Roki Prunali

I am always on the search for the best facial, which also means an shelling out the cash when it comes to finding the right one. Facials do not come cheap. Last year, while visiting Tamu in the Hamptons, she brought me to Naturopathica and probably had one of the best facials ever. This year, while visiting again, I made sure to fit a facial into my schedule. I may look like a monster for a couple of days afterward (all those extratctions, Ouch!), but once it clears up, I have never seen my face so flawless. Their natural, holistic approach keeps me at ease that nothing unknown is going onto my face.  So if you are in the neighbourhood of a Naturopathica, run to splurge and get yourself a facial. Or try shopping online for their many natural products for your face and body.

Have a great weekend Pretty Birds and Splurge on yourself, you deserve it!


Photo Courtesy of Naturopathica

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