Splurge Friday – Gucci Milan Dionysus Bag

by Tamu McPherson

Splurge Friday – Gucci Milan Dionysus Bag By Tamu McPherson

If you are currently in Milan, headed here for vacation or work, looking for the perfect memento or souvenir to mark the good times that you had in Italy’s fashion capital; OR if your 2015 bonus just hit your bank account; Or if you’re looking for a new accessory to invest in for the Spring (one so amazing, that goes with everything and is totally huggable); OR if the lob(v)ster in your life insists that you were so NICE in 2015 that you deserve another holiday present – look no further we’ve found the perfect splurge Friday item for you!!

While walking around town yesterday Kristi and I decided that we’d pop by Gucci to rinse our eyes over the Spring 2016 collection. While falling head-over-heels in love with Look 16 from the runway collection, we also found our new lover by way of Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s Dionysus Milan Edition bag. Michele debuted the Dionysus as part of his first collection as Creative Director, and it’s taken us accessories-obsessed by storm. A major ingredient in Michele’s bakery of lust-worthy treats (the apparel and accessories give chocolate a run for its money, I’d give the sweet up for a year to get my body into Spring’s Look 16), the Dionysus features the iconic GG supreme canvas and a textured tiger head spur closure. The tiger head is a reference to the mythological Greek God Dionysus who is said to have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus – epic. There is a sliding chain strap that can be worn in multiple ways, transforming the bag between a shoulder and a top handle (yay! options). Michele customized the Dionysus for Milan by applying butterflies (obsessed with the winged beauties since Mariah Carey’s award-winning album), flowers (simply can’t live without them) and a heart (love is always love is my motto) motifs to the bag’s surface, as well as a special edition, Milan-dedicated label featuring an adorable bee on the inside. The perfect mix of charms, right? If you’re here pop by and see your future favorite bag. We promise that it will be rainbow-patterned hearts in your eyes, love at first sight.

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