Treat Your Spiritual Self Gifts

by Roki Prunali


As we start off 2020, I think it is about time we up our self-care game by way of spirituality. With the craziness of 2019, I got lost in a whirlwind of only taking care of others. As much as it is important for me to be solid security for my friends and family, lost sight of my own self and spirituality. When I find myself losing clarity in the stress called life, working on my spirituality always leads me back to my purpose. Spirituality can mean a plethora of things, but whatever you may believe, it is time to treat yourself.


Spiritual Gift Ideas for Your Own Self-Care:


Self-Care Crystals

As of late, crystals have been my go-to for presents for friends, especially friends that have it all. But working on our energy, I believe is the first step in caring for our spiritual self. Still a novice in crystals – I carry a guide with me all the time- there is something for all aspects of our life. Here is a quick lowdown of some crystals that we should have on hand:

Rose Quartz: the heart opening and love crystal, for channeling all types of love – self, familial, friendship, and romance.

Rhodonite: vibrates love and encourages a state of calm.

Green Jasper: a calming stone that dispels negativity and ensures sound rest. 

Pyrite: enhances your boss-like power, bringing abundance, success and new opportunities.

Amanzonite: for creative spirits, assists in overcoming creative blocks.

Black Tourmaline: for energy protection and cleansing.

Carnelian: for confidence, passion, and creativity. 

Clear Quartz: enhance clarity and focus.

Selenite: uplifting, joyful vibrations and energy cleansing.

If you are feeling unsure of getting into crystals, the Energy Muse makes an amazing Crystal Starter Kit. The kit comes with 10 stones: Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Carnelian, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Blue Apatite, Amethyst, Selenite, and Clear Quartz. It also includes sage and a bowl to clean your crystals. 

Energy Clearing Sets to Unwind

Smudge packs have become rather mainstream, but their importance in clearing energy is paramount. Clearing your home and any other area you frequent can guide you to starting 2020 on a good note. Ridding your home or even workspace of stagnant or negative energy allows room for positivity to vibrate. Energy Muse’s Energy Clearing Set includes sage, palo santo, a singing bowl, black tourmaline, and selenite. My cousin gifted me the Mama Wunderbar Smudge Pack, which I used as soon as I moved into our temporary home. This pack has sage and palo santo as well but comes with an abalone shell that is believed to carry their message up to heaven when the sage ashes fall inside. 


Chakra Kit

Just as our sacred spaces need energy clearing, so do our bodies. All that stagnant energy I was talking about earlier can also build up in ourselves and every once in a while it needs a little cleaning as well. Our chakras are energetic centers of the body and when one of your chakras is out of whack or stuck, we may feel a little off. Mama Wunderbar Chakra Kit has Chakra Affirmation sticks that can help you work through any blockage you may be experiencing and you can incorporate them into your chakra balancing meditations or rituals. 

Travel Meditation Kit

It seems that even our meditation has been thrown into the marketing “on-the-go” aspect. With the numerous meditation apps that we have at the tip of our fingertips, there is no excuse for not being able to meditate. I know time is a crucial lament we all have, but a few minutes a day can even put us in a calmer state in our hectic, stressed lives. With my meditation on-the-go,I tend to want a more sacred space especially if I am staying in a hotel. This Travel Mediation Kit offers a lightweight yoga mat, inflatable meditation pillow to couple together with your meditation apps for a well-guided relaxation. 


Tarot and Affirmation Cards

Self Love Affirmation Pack

Affirmations are an easy, inspiring way to promote confidence and self-love. We are inundated with judgemental and negative thoughts on a daily basis and these can impact the intentions that we want to set or even the energy we want to project. Having a daily reminder – because it is so hard to remember to be easy on ourselves – can cast a positive note to start the day. 

Optimism on Deck

By looking around me, it seems that 2019 may have not been the most positive of years. Being in a negative space can make optimism dwindle. Optimism on Deck is a deck of cards made by psychologist Deepika Chopra – deemed the optimism doctor – for happiness boosting. There are 52 suggestions for mindfulness practices to cultivate good thoughts. You can keep them at your desk, carry them with you or hand out to those that may be in need of a little bit of optimism.  

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are an area of spirituality that I have not yet tapped into but is definitely on my list of treating my spiritual self for 2020. With my research on where to start with tarot cards, I believe the best way to ease your way into it is with cards that offer mantras, short messages or attractive advice. It is easier to interpret these cards until you are able to read the messages of the figures on tarot cards on the classic Rider-Waite tarot.  

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook is a set of 78 cards that is loosely based on the Rider-Waite tarot with a 200-page guidebook that tells you the meaning of each card and how to draw and interpret spreads. 


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