The Skincare Tools Worth Investing In For Self-Care

by Roki Prunali

This year as a whole has taken a toll on our stress levels. Shout out to the anxiety of last month while we all were holding our breath as to the fate of the US. Let’s not forget to mention, most of our European countries going back into lockdown. Self-care in moments like these are of the utmost importance. We need that self-care to let us destress a little, even if it is only a few minutes we need to give back to ourselves. As of late, my form of giving back to myself is investing in skincare tools to use at home since I can’t go to my trusty facialist. Considering myself a splurger, I have been trying to do my due diligence when it comes to skincare tools, because let’s be honest, they can get a bit pricey. While mindful of the stress highly visible in my face, we are also transitioning into colder weather. This is all the more reason to be in the market for skincare tools worth the investment. Pieces that will help my skin stay bright through these darker, colder times has become a necessity.


Not sure about you Pretty Birds, but I have been hesitant going for facials during these unprecedented times. I know they all must follow the Covid protocol, but something about having someone (even if they are my trusted go-tos) up in my face still keeps me weary. So with my unwillingness to venture out for facial care, I have been trying to increase my skincare tool arsenal. My go-to tools already in my routine include my gua sha tool and my facial roller, but I am ready to invest in a few more high-tech tools. I have allowed myself to splurge in some great investment skincare tools that will hold me to my self-care needs that are definitely lacking of late. 


Just because it may be harder for us to get in our normal self-care routines, doesn’t mean we should forget all about it. Here is a roundup of some skincare tools to invest in to make sure we are giving ourselves that self love in such a stressful moment of our lives. 

Sculpting and Lifting Tools for Contouring

These tools are meant to contour your cheekbones, lift jawlines and massage heavy eyebrows. We tend to hold stress in these places– think clenching jaws or furrowing your brows. While we may have all the serums and creams to help with fine lines and wrinkles that come with stress and age, these tools can not only release the tension with their massaging features but allow better absorption of our skincare routine. 

There are some skincare gurus that I follow blindly and when they tell me it works, that product is in my shopping cart with no hesitation. Joanna Czech is one of those people and not only does she stress the importance of sculpting tools, she brought her own tool to the market. I have tried a few sculpting tools before, but her facial massager fits my contours perfectly and really feels like it is massaging my face. Massaging the skin speeds up its circulation by bringing more oxygen to the tissue, while lifting the brows and jawline. 

Joanna Czech Facial Massage Roller


I have been saving my pennies to invest in the Nu Face Trinity Facial Toning Device. Normally, this is a product I would definitely indulge buy, but I must admit I am a bit lazy when it comes to my skincare routine. Justifying spending the money has been a battle for me, but all the awards and rave reviews have me clicking ‘purchase’ for the tool that is already in my cart. With just five minutes a day, this microcurrent facial toning device helps facial contour, tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Slather on their gel primer, which adds a dose of hydrating Hyaluronic acid and at home facial away. 

Nu Face Trinity Facial Toning Device


While the gold may seem luxurious, it is actually anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. The 24-carat plated bar vibrates, mimicking a massage relaxing facial muscles and releasing tension. It instantly makes skin feel lifted and revives the appearance of tiredness.

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar


Anti-Inflammation and De-Puffing Tools for Circulation

I have been flirting with ice therapy for a bit now, but with its rising popularity the tools out there now offer something for everyone. Once, what seems like a long time ago, traveling would be the main cause of all that puffiness, but that morning bloat and puffiness still gets us. 


These freeze tools not only de-puff and calm inflamed skin, but also regulate blood circulation and aid in allergy relief. With gentle rolling, you can promote lymphatic drainage and also help tighten pores. Georgia Louise recommends rolling the tools 10-20 times in the same area of your face, especially when you are feeling puffy or tired. 

Georgia Louise Cryo Freeze Tools


The beauty of these globe massagers is that no freezing is necessary. Just pop them in the fridge for 10 minutes and then they are ready to go for massaging. It is most effective after you apply your serum, allowing your skin for better absorption while you massage. Perfect for traveling (sigh! When we can leisurely do that again) to just throw in the fridge and relax. 

Aceology Pink Ice Globe Facial Massager


Not sure you want to invest in facial ice tools, Stacked Skincare offers a great price point product that you just throw in the freezer and you are ready to go. These rollers can be ideal for acne lesions and puffy under eyes, but can be used all over the body.

Stacked Skincare Cryotherapy Ice Roller


Brightening and Anti-Ageing Tools to Restore Youthfulness

Having conversations with my friends while they wear a Halloween-esque face cover, always has me questioning if they are worth the hype. LED light therapy exposes the skin to various wavelengths of light in order to treat your skin concerns. When paired with some heavy duty products, think serums or peels, these masks can make a big difference in the look and feel of your skin. 


Dr. Dennis Gross engineered a face mask that uses red LED lights to stimulate collagen production and blue LED lights that kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation and fine lines. It just needs three minutes.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite Face Ware Pro


Now these LED masks can get pretty pricey, Dermashine offers a wireless version that won’t break the bank. The seven LED colors make sure you have every skin issue covered: red boosts blood flow and collagen, dark blue kills bacteria and tightens, green helps pigmentation, fine lines and anti-aging, yellow reduces redness and smoothes skin, purple gives you a relaxing boost and improves lymph metabolism, light blue soothes and can help allergies and white accelerates tissue metabolism. 

Dermashine Pro Wireless 7 Color LED Mask


Looking to target just the fine lines around your mouth? ReVive made a mask to specifically target your lips giving them fuller volume and restore youthfulness. This lip mask can minimize the appearance of smile lines, vertical lip lines and lip creases.

ReVive Therapy Lip Care 


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