Skincare Pioneer: Dr. Barbara Sturm

Since delivering my impassioned argument in favor of investing in luxury skincare last fall, I’ve been on a bit of a tear. Over the winter – one of the coldest and driest I can remember – I have waded into about a half dozen different designer skincare lines, searching with determination for the perfect conqueror of my inflamed winter complexion.

I came across Molecular Cosmetics the same way I imagine most everyone else did – in a late night internet research deep dive that followed my completely organic reencounter of Kim Kardashian West’s infamous 2013 vampire selfie. This was the same year that it was revealed that Kobe Bryant was traveling regularly to Germany to treat his degenerative knee issues with a new orthopaedic procedure using his own scientifically enhanced blood. And the orthopaedist on the team of doctors responsible for pioneering this method into skincare was – you guessed it – Dr. Barbara Sturm.