Your Guide “Skincare Addiction”, a Forum About All Things Skin on Reddit

by Charisse Kenion

skincare addiction


I’ll admit it; I haven’t been on Reddit regularly since way back in the day, but recently, I’ve been nurturing a bit of a habit, particularly when it comes to the super popular thread Skincare Addiction. 

If you’re on Instagram, buy any of the glossy magazines or check out your favorite lifestyle websites on the daily, you’re no doubt informed on just how big the world of skincare has become. It almost seems as if everybody’s trying it, taking part in the quest for #skingoals or #glassskin or trying to #normalizeskintexture. But on Reddit, the skincare obsession is on a whole other level. Venture over to Reddit’s dedicated skincare page, Skincare Addition, and you’ll find over 1 million subscribers sharing, supporting, ranting and raving about anything and everything to do with what they put on their faces.

From simple shower gel recommendations to seriously in-depth product research, if you’ve got a burning–well, hopefully not literally burning–question, it’s likely that it’s already been answered in the forum. Don’t believe that collagen can be ingested (me either)? You’ll find research from kind of intense ‘scientific’ folk as well as skin enthusiasts. Think that the belief of drinking vast amounts of water improves the appearance of your skin is BS? Feel free to argue your case in the acne group. 

What I enjoy most about this forum is that, it isn’t for everybody, but boy is it satisfying for those who love it. There are also a ton of related communities – from the 500,000+ AsianBeauty thread to the DIYBeauty thread and the small but active NordicSkinCare thread created specifically for those living in Nordic countries who experience issues finding popular skincare brands and products.

If you have the time for a new obsession, check out my list of some of the most popular Reddit sub-threads for skincare:

[Review] Rants, Raves & Purchases: Updated every Sunday, this is a great place to search for reviews on a product you’ve been thinking about buying. You can virtually feel the high fives when someone recommends a product. 

[Misc]: This is the thread to be prepared for if you’re slightly squeamish. I’ll share this snippet to explain: “I felt an urge this morning and instead of picking, I set a timer. I have gone 9 and a half hours abstaining.”

A comment on this share: “I read this while picking at my face. Shit!” 

Not only is this thread entertaining, but it’s kinda sweet to see people being cheered on by someone who might be halfway across the world.

[Personal]: This is a bit of a mash-up thread that has a feel-good vibe to it. One commenter said that the sub-thread itself has encouraged her to improve her acne and its scarring, and also, has encouraged her to leave the house without wearing makeup for the first time since she was 14 years old. She’s now 27. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

I think it’s clear from the examples I’ve shared, that even if you aren’t interested in skincare, if you’re having even a remotely crappy day, taking a peek at what this community is sharing might just improve your mood. And if your skin benefits too, that has to be a bonus, right?

You can join the skincare addiction conversation over on Reddit now.

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