Skin Tech: The New Devices You Need to Add to Your Beauty Routine


Skin Tech: The New Devices You Need to Add to Your Beauty Routine

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Michela Marra | Wednesday November 15th 2017

Skin Tech: The New Devices You Need to Add to Your Beauty Routine

Practical, quick and efficient: skin beauty devices have become an important part of our beauty routine in ever-busier days. No longer only coveted by tech-addicts on the forever hunt for new innovations, these new tools are inspired by their medical counterparts that have long since proven themselves as the best in their field.

From the comfort of our homes, these anti-age lasers, exfoliants, and micro-currents will stimulate collagen and elastin, leaving our skin at our best, and without stress.  Here are the devices that your medicine cabinet is calling out for.


This handheld device reinvigorates your complexion and revitalizes your skin tone, making it appear bright, fresh and relaxed – three guaranteed results promising to give you better-looking skin than you would have if you spent a day at the spa. This is thanks to the devices interchangeable attachments and removable heads: you can adjust and establish the most appropriate conductor based on the specific area that is being treated. For example, the one used for your scalp resembles a comb, and slides through hair easily, maintaining contact with the scalp in order to distribute the beneficial effect of the device to hair and follicles. The facial attachment, on the other hand, is to be used with Nu Skin’s specially formulated products.

Why we recommend it: the attachment is flat, smooth and oval, all features that allow the device to move easily over small areas like your eye or mouth contour, for an even more precise treatment.


Comfortable and compact, perfect for tucking into your suitcase, this is a special exfoliating system for the body that allows you to gain silky, revitalized skin in very little time. Use it for areas where skin is rough and dry, like on your elbows and feet.

Why we recommend it: If you’re planning on taking a winter vacation somewhere hot and sunny, this is the perfect device for prepping your body for the most golden of tans.


You all know about the Foreo Luna by now, a sonic brush for facial cleansing that is easy and comfortable to use. Following the success of this device, the company has created Foreo Iris, a device designed specifically for the eye contour to help reduce the signs of ageing, dark circles and bags. This is thanks to T-Sonic technology, which provides a delicate yet efficient massage for a gaze that is more youthful and fresh.

Why we recommend it: Are you constantly travelling for work? Do you have very little time to dedicate to your beauty routine? This is the right tool to cleanse skin for the busy and distracted, because it is fast and practical!


Exfoliating your skin is important. This is true not only so that your complexion will be brighter, but also because it allows beauty treatments to penetrate deeper and perform more efficiently. Experts agree that it is advisable to use a mask or exfoliating cream at least once a week to regenerate the skin on your face. TO MAXIMIZE THE RESULTS, Dermaflash offers a solution with its Facial Exfoliating Device. The sonic vibrations it produces are able to eliminate imperfections and dead skin.

Why we recommend it: if you want an even skin tone and a tighter skin on your face, this is the right tool. This device offers multiple pluses including the fact that it is easy and fast to use, two very important advantages for true multitaskers just like the team here at ATPB!


Plastic surgery is not the only way to fight wrinkles. There is a laser (The Age-Defying Laser) that allows you to erase the sings of ageing from the comfort of your own home. Designed by the Tria brand, it uses the same fractional laser technology to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two substances that are essential to skins health.

Why we recommend it: if you are looking for an efficient tool, this is the device for you. The results are immediately visible!  


These hyaluronic acid patches are activated by two correctors that release ions to facilitate absorption. There are also two gels contained in the package; a cleanser that is applied before treatment and a hyaluronic acid cream that goes on after, which can accelerate results. Why is hyaluronic acid so important for our skin? Daniela Pistoia, training manager at Estée Lauder explains it to us: Hyaluronic acid is a key substance for cell reparation. Unlike moisturizing and hydrating substances, it attracts and holds water molecules which improve skins natural hydration. The result? A face that is tighter, more compact and softer.”

Why we recommend it: Perfect if you’re looking for softer, more moisturized skin.

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