Simone Biles Makes History as the First Woman to Land a Yurchenko Double Pike Vault & Global News

by Debra Brown

Simone Biles
Each Wednesday, All the Pretty Birds recaps the most important headlines from our global community to keep you up to speed on world news. This week we’ve included coverage of Simone Biles making history at her latest competition ahead of the 2021 Olympic, along with updates about the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and the announcement of the NYC 2021 Pride March Grand Marshals.


Simone Biles Makes History as the First Woman to Land a Yurchenko Double Pike Vault

At the U.S. Classic in Indianapolis, Simone Biles just made some major history as she became the first woman to land a Yurchenko double pike in competition. The Yurchenko double pike vault has only ever been done by men in competition in the past.

The 24-year-old is the most decorated American gymnast and the world’s third-most decorated gymnast; she has a combined total of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals.


NYC 2021 Pride March

NYC Pride Announces Grand Marshals to Lead 2021 March

After announcing a ban on police organizations, NYC Pride has named its honorary Grand Marshals for 2021. Ceyenne Doroshow, Wilson Cruz,, Aaron Philip, Menaka Guruswamy, and Dr. Demetre Daskalakis will help to lead the event. Organizers said some elements of an in-person march will take place this year, in addition to a virtual event. The NYC Pride March broadcast special will cover the parade, with a live streamed virtual experience immediately following, featuring groups and organizations that would normally be marching in the parade.

Organizers say the grand marshals reflect some of the parade’s most significant elements, including trans rights, social justice, behind-the-scenes, and youth activism. The grand marshals will also be spotlighted in a virtual program after the live broadcast.

Aaron Rose Phillips

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Holds as U.N. Launches Gaza Aid Appeal

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has held as mediators spoke to all sides about extending the period of calm after the worst outbreak of fighting in years, which saw at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 children, killed by Israeli bombing.

An Israeli police crackdown on worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the threat of forced expulsions of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem had ignited protests across the occupied Palestinian territories, which were cracked down by Israeli police as well.

Hamas, the group that controls the Gaza Strip, issued Israel a deadline to halt the crackdowns. The deadline passed unheeded, resulting in Hamas firing rockets towards Israel, and Israel launching an intensive bombing campaign on Gaza.

The United Nations humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories, said the UN would launch an appeal to repair the damage in the densely populated besieged Gaza Strip, where there is a threat of COVID-19 spreading further.

Palestinian officials have estimated reconstruction costs in the territory at tens of millions of dollars.


Events Planned Across Minneapolis to Mark the Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder

Activists, community members, journalists and others are gathering in Minneapolis at the site of George Floyd’s murder to mark the anniversary of his death – as well as the worldwide protest movement for racial justice that followed.

The day’s events were briefly derailed late morning by a shooting near the square that left at least one person with non-life threatening injuries. Police are still investigating, and it was not clear whether the incident had any relation to the anniversary.

Members of Floyd’s family met privately with President Biden in the White House.

Derek Chauvin, who was found guilty of second-degree murder and other charges in April, is scheduled to be sentenced next month.


EU Imposes New Economic Sanctions on Belarus Over ‘Hijacked’ Flight

EU leaders triggered new economic sanctions against Belarus and punitive measures against its national airline as a dissident taken from a “hijacked” Ryanair flight was on the country’s television news apparently confessing to crimes against the state.

Under the measures agreed by the EU leaders, a raft of economic sanctions will be applied against those involved in the arrests adding to those imposed months earlier on nearly 60 Belarusian officials, including president Alexander Lukashenko and his son Victor, relating to the crackdown on peaceful protests against last years allegedly rigged presidential election result.

The new sanctions will cover individuals involved in the hijacking, businesses that finance the Belarus regime and the aviation sector.

The EU’s heads of state and government also called on EU carriers to avoid Belarusian airspace and agreed “to adopt the necessary measures to ban overflight of EU airspace by Belarusian airlines and prevent access to EU airports” in a major blow to the country’s national airline. European flights over the country’s airspace have already been suspended.

Minsk has blamed the west for the escalating tensions, calling the accusations over the incident “hasty and openly belligerent”.


(Leading Image via Dylan Coulter/ The Guardian; Second Image via Matthew Tammaro/them.)


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