Shows to Watch on Netflix & Streaming Fall 2019

by Team ATPB

fall shows to watch on netflix and streaming


Fall means cozy times, warm drinks, and getting toasty in front of the TV or laptop. We’re ready to start binge-watching some good shows, movies, and get up to date with some of our favorite storylines. However, there’s so much to choose from and picking a new series to dig into can be a bit overwhelming. And who needs to be stressed out when all you want to do is relax? We’ve put together some of our team’s favorite new streaming picks (hot chocolate or hot toddy not included). Here’s a list of the best shows to watch on Netflix this fall and other streaming channels.


fall shows to watch on netflix and streaming

Tamu McPherson – Shows to watch on Netflix & Streaming

  • Raising DionThis series looks all kinds of amazing. Starring a young black boy with magical colors I’m sure it will inspire little boys of color. I can’t wait to watch it with P.J.
  • Styling Hollywood – I love The work of Jason Bolden and his husband Adair Curtis. I can’t wait to follow their style adventures.
  • Greenleaf –  I am obsessed with this series. I love the drama and suspense. Season 4 starts on November 6.
  • Living Undocumented – Witnessing the stories of undocumented individuals is the best way to understand their lives in home country and their current one. Documentaries like these help us become more compassionate and empathetic of their experience.
  • Dear White People – I met cast member Griffin Matthews during NY fashion week, and can’t wait to discover his character D’Unte on the series.


fall shows to watch on netflix and streaming

Alyx Carolus – Shows to watch on Netflix & Streaming

  • Marianne – I’m not a horror buff, but I love watching new horror shows and Marianne, a French Netflix production, seems like it’ll be a fave. Famous horror writer, Emma Larsimon, known for her popular book series, Lizzie Larck, returns home after some unsettling occurrences in her dreams, start spilling into her real life. It’s all in French, with subtitles of course and the trailer looked incredible (yes, I’ll be watching with one eye open).
  • Unbelievable – A brand new series on Netflix, Unbelievable deals with a very heavy topic. The show highlights how society and various justice systems are harmful and dismissive of sexual assault victims. I’m a fan of Toni Colette and her work – and so far, the reviews I’ve seen have been great! 


fall shows to watch on netflix and streaming

Charisse Kenion – What to watch on Netflix & Streaming

  • If you need something that is not going to stretch you emotionally but is rather a smooth, entertaining accompaniment to your hot chocolate, then You is a pretty good way to chill. It’s all about how a crush goes from sweet and kinda awkward, to murderous.
  • Another thing that Autumn is great for, is finally having that time to watch my fave docs about people I admire. However, if I don’t want to commit to a two hour special, I’ll opt for an episode of Abstract: The Art of Design instead. Now in its second season, Abstract is a show that focuses on the thought processes of everyone from interior designers to wardrobe mistresses, including the amazing Ruth E. Carter, the woman behind the looks from Black Panther.


fall shows to watch on netflix and streaming

Debra Brown – What to watch on Netflix & Streaming

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime Video – This show is not what you’d expect after reading the pilot description, “A housewife living a perfect life on the Upper West Side in the 1950s discovers a previously unknown talent.” There’s comedy, actual stand-up comedy, family drama and the show;s amazing 1950’s fashion (winner of this year’s Emmy for “best period costume”). Season 3 starts soon, so you can catch up with the first two seasons this fall.
  • Fleabag on Amazon Prime Video – I’ve heard from multiple people and podcasts that this show is hilarious and that’s all I need to hear to get on board. Fleabag breaks through the fourth wall following a woman in London navigating through life. The show finished its second season recently, which is great because it’s so much better to binge watch a new show with at least two seasons.


fall shows to watch on netflix and streaming

Grace Davin – Shows to watch on Netflix & Streaming

  • I just finished watching a mini-series called The Mind Explained on Netflix, part of the Explained series. The mini-series explores the subjects of the mind, such on dreams, anxiety, mindfulness, and more. Both consist of 24-minute episodes, making it easy to fit between activities or binge watch without feeling like a screen zombie. In the first season Explained features topics from why women are paid less and the racial wealth gap to cryptocurrency and K-Pop. The second season is still in progress, featuring only two episodes, one on billionaires and the other on cults.
  • Recently, I started watching Made in Italy on Amazon Prime Video, a new series that follows Irene, a young Italian woman at the start of her career in the mid 1970’s. It can be a little cheesy and exaggerated, but the wardrobe and Milano setting make up for it.


fall shows to watch on netflix and streaming

Tahirah Hairston – Shows to watch on Netflix & Streaming

  • I am all in on Succession. The show is basically my Game of Thrones replacement — there’s family drama, there’s fighting (though just verbally), and there is a throne to be taken over (WayStar Royco, the Roy family’s multi-billion dollar media company). But, while Game of Thrones was all magic and wildings, Succession is full of yummy cashmere sweaters (Thanks to Shiv), private jets, estates and fancy, yet ridiculous parties. I am hooked, and rather sad that the season is ending this Sunday. 
  • Other shows: The Good Place, Grey’s Anatomy, and Riverdale 


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