hort Hair: 4 Things To Know Before Getting Your Hair Cut


Short Hair: 4 Things To Know Before Getting Your Hair Cut

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Michela Marra | Friday June 2nd 2017

Short Hair: 4 Things To Know Before Getting Your Hair Cut

Its hard to resist the appeal of short hair, especially in summer. The idea of being able to flaunt a new cut and to get some relief from the heat is not only very enticing, but it is also one of this seasons trends: short hair is still very popular. With bangs or sailor style, hair stylist like short cuts and they suggest adding a touch of colour to your locks. Beauty addicts also like short cuts as they are always on the lookout for cool solutions which are also practical.

Here are four things your should know before getting your hair cut.

Having your hair cut means easing the weight of your locks. If your hair is curly, choose a layered cut that will enhance your hair. The same goes for thin hair which risks becoming excessively flat.

Change your style: from flat irons to curling irons, if you want short hair, youre better off choosing simpler, faster solutions. Keep an eye out for texturizing products as well, which shouldnt weigh down your short hair.

If you have little time to dedicate to styling your hair, a short haircut is the perfect solution for you. In this case, the cut becomes even more important: being able to let your hair air dry now that the weather is warmer is certainly a huge advantage and if your hair is cut well you wont even need to using styling products or a hair dryer.

Less long hair means a smaller quantity of product to be used shampoo, conditioner, hair mask to take care of your hair. A noteworthy advantage. However, shorter hair needs to be washed more frequently and if it is dirty, there will be no pony tail to mask the state of your locks.

If you are going from long to short, itll take some time to get used to the change. Think very carefully before making any decision when youre going to make a change. In any case, hair grows back.

Ready to give yourselves a new look? Have a glance at this gallery with the coolest hairstyles and let yourselves be inspired.

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