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by Team ATPB

shoppable fall wish list


Team ATPB doesn’t just work hard, we also wish hard. Summertime may be eternal, but we’ve already traded our swimsuits in for sweaters and are dreaming of chic ways to stay cozy. So, here we are sending our collective seasonal wish list out into the universe. Shop our dreamy picks from art to beauty, accessories, and more to inspire you throughout the upcoming season.



Photographers featured in the tome include: Campbell Addy, Arielle Bobb-Willis, Micaiah Carter, Awol Erizku, Nadine Ijewere, Quil Lemons, Namsa Leuba, Renell Medrano, Tyler Mitchell, Jamal Nxedlana, Daniel Obasi, Ruth Ossai, Adrienne Raquel, Dana Scruggs, and Stephen Tayo. Pre-order it here.


  • I really want to try a new fragrance and specifically Calvin Klein’s Euphoria has been on my wish list since I was 14! I’ve only recently gotten into the fragrance game – and this one is definitely on my list.
  • I’m also into handmade lingerie, and South African brand Nette Rose has a plethora of gorgeous intimates that are beautifully made and timeless. I’d love to purchase one of their bralettes or knickers for the upcoming season.



  • I’d be happy with anything from Anthropologie’s AW collection, but I particularly love the Emmett Bib-Front Utility Jumpsuit. I’ve been a major fan of the brand’s trousers this past year as they’re so great to work in and always look stylish dressed up or down.
  • The entire 25th anniversary lipstick collection from Nars. Comprising of 72 shades, I figure it should keep me going for a while, well at least ‘til Christmas…
  • I’m a bit of a fragrance addict, so of course I would love a bottle of Tom Ford’s latest: Metallique. With base notes of vanilla and sandalwood, combined with heady Heliotrope and crisp pink peppercorn, I think it’s going to be seriously addictive.



  • Veja B12 mesh sneakers I’ve been thinking about buying a new pair of sneakers for a while now. I recently listened to a BOF podcast about Veja sneakers and now they’re at the top of my list. The sneakers could be considered the most sustainable shoes in the world. They’re stylish and more or less the same price I’d pay for other sneakers.
  • Ember Ceramic Mug I’ve been wanting this mug for so long! It’s perfect for the fall. Not only does it keep your drinks warm but it controls the temperature from what you set and stays at that temperature for an hour. It automatically wakes up when you pour your beverage in and remembers your preferred temperature.
  • Face Halo make-up removers I’m trying to be less wasteful with the products I use daily while also sticking to a budget. These makeup removers are non-toxic, reusable and come in a pack of three. All you need is water and you can wash them up to 200 times, which is a lot easier and more convenient than the methods I’ve been using.



  • Michelle Waugh – The Khirma Short Cropped Puffer
    I’ve been dreaming since first sight of this adorable puffer by Michelle Waugh. It looks cozy and comfortable, plus would play well in the colder months. I also love the floral pattern for wintertime.
  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow
    haven’t tried any Sunday Riley products yet, but this facial oil sounds really delicious. The sunny colors will brighten up my mood via my face when it’s chilly and foggy outside.
  • Anthropologie Rug-Printed Kennett Chair
    I’m always scouting for a nice spot to lounge and can imagine curling up on this chair to read a book while sipping some tea throughout Milano’s grey months.



  • Gabriela Hearst David Leather Boots
    With all the rain we get here in Milan, these boots will help me hydroplane all those puddles without getting my feet wet. Not to mention the funkiness of these boots from Gabriela Hearst, while keeping the minimalism the brand is known for, is screaming my name.
  • Josh Rosebrook Hydration Boost Concentrate
    This new serum isn’t even on the market yet, but will be here next month. So needless to say, I am patiently waiting for this hydration boost. Anything Josh Rosebrook puts out there I have been in love with, especially the Hydrating Accelerator. A non-habitual beauty product enthusiast, I seem to always come back to his products and there is a reason why… they work!


What are you dreaming of this season, pretty birds?
Drop us a line and share your own wish list in the comments below.


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