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Shoesday Tuesday: Designer Spotlight Nicolò Beretta of Giannico

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Jessie Ajluni | Tuesday June 27th 2017

While most teenagers were worried about what college they should be going to go to or who they would be taking to prom, Nicolò Beretta, the brains behind the influencer-loved label Giannico, was starting his own shoe label. Now, five years later, with multiple awards under his belt and even more exciting things on the horizon, we’ve decided that this is the best time to pick his brain about what it takes to run a successful business and create some of the chicest shoes around.




When did you first decide to start Giannico and how did you come up with the name? 

 I decided to found my own label when I was only 18, at that time I was living in Australia and I couldn’t wait to express my ideas in the fashion world. After meeting Mr. Manolo Blahnik and Franca Sozzani and showing them my portfolio at the age of 15 I knew this was what I wanted to do with my future! The name Giannico is a portmanteau between my first name and my little brother’s name Giacomo.


You were just 18 when you started your line. How do you feel that has impacted your career starting at such a young age?

I just feel like I had to grow very quickly, being young has many positive sides but also many negative ones.



What were some of the difficulties you faced early in your career?

Starting my brand so young was not easy at all, at first it was not easy to find  people believe in me, many tried to mislead me for their own good while others associated me with a stereotype of a spoiled child. But I learned very quickly to deal with this dark side of the industry and looking back today to all the incredible milestones I accomplished I feel the luckiest person on earth!


What suggestions would you give to someone trying to start up a footwear company?

 Focus on production and fit before experimenting with design, and find the right production partner, it’s the most important thing!




If you could describe the aesthetic of the brand in three words what would they be?

 Fresh, irreverent and chic.


Take us through your design process. Where do you find your inspiration, source materials, etc…

I get inspiration from all the beautiful things that surround me, Milan and Milanese women are one of my greatest inspirations, as well as the visual arts, also travelling for me is very important as I get a lot of inspiration from different cultures.

Sometimes I get flash ideas even walking down the street but most of the time I start my design process with a mood board that summaries the allure I want to give to the collection.

After this I sketch for many days and then select the best options for a balanced collection. When it comes to materials we select the best leathers from the best Italian factories.




Now in the age of social media, how do you feel like it impacts a business and what ways do you feel the brand embraces it?

If it weren’t for social media I probably wouldn’t be where I am today, many buyers, celebrities, and journalists have found me on Instagram. Influencers and bloggers are also a huge part of my communication, last year we also launched a collaboration with Chiara Ferragni.


What do you think women should look for when investing in a quality shoes? 

The label “made in Italy” is essential on a quality pair of shoes, it is the first thing to look for.




What trends do you see coming up in shoes?

Metallic inserts


What are some of your favorite pieces from your current collection? 

Definitely my crystal buckle mules called the “Daphne”.




Where do you see the brand in the next 5 years?

I see Giannico evolving from a shoe brand to a full line of accessories, this season we are launching the first bag (which I am very proud of) and I can’t wait to create my first small leather goods.


If you had one tip on how to live a more stylish life what would it be

My opinion is the real elegance and style is only accomplished when matched to a great sense of personality, in short, be yourself!

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