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by Team ATPB

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September has arrived and it’s time to say sayonara to summer. How are you feeling, pretty birds? Returning to work after summer holidays can be hard, so we wanted to share some of our best tips for working from home, some of which can also be applied to your office job.


Team ATPB”s Best Work From Home Tips

For freelancers or those lucky enough to have a regular WFH day at their job, it can be a challenge to get into a routine that works for you to keep productivity up and feel connected to your coworkers. Of course, everyone is different and the variables of our unique job(s) will also factor into what makes a healthy, productive, and sustainable working from home set up for you. Team ATPB slips us some of their advice, since we are scattered across the globe.


Are you an early riser or last-minute procrastinator? It’s 2019, you could be both! A bad schedule doesn’t look good on anyone, so find what works for you and get to work!

  • Start early. Whenever I’m up at 6am, it allows me to do whatever ritual I need to do to get into ‘work mode’. Getting up at 6 am means I’m dressed, I’ve got my caffeine fix sorted and I’m ready to go — plus everyone else won’t get into work until 9 or 9:30 am, meaning I don’t really need to bother checking emails until much later. Which leads me to a second great tip – only check your emails twice a day. Hitting refresh every 10 minutes makes you anxious and pretty much nothing changes in that time!
  • Eat breakfast and lunch. Sometimes when you’re working from home it’s easy to get too focused in on your work, or feeling back that you aren’t doing enough work, that you forget to eat. So, set aside time to have an hour for breakfast to yourself, a 15 minute snack, and a long yummy lunch with one of your favorite books. You create your schedule, so make sure your scheduling to nourish your body.
  • Set things in stone. Whether you’ve always stuck to a routine or you’ve allowed spontaneity to reign, set your hours ahead of time so you can be prepared. Structure and consistency are to ways to increase productivity across the board for creative and analytical jobs alike.



Whether organizing is second nature to you or your biggest challenge, it’s a necessary element to efficient and productive work. For some that might mean a simple notebook, while others may choose to invest in a planner to encourage their time and task management style.

  • Invest in a good planner.  Buy a planner that’s helpful and specific to your lifestyle. There are planners that have goal setting and tracking systems included to help guide you through a busy day and track your progress during the year. 
  • Prep the night before. Get your laptop, notebook, pens and whatever else you’ll need ready at your workstation beforehand. It really helps to have a tidy, functional workspace that greets you in the morning. 
  • Get all your errands out of the way. Making sure to get errands done in the morning stops you from pondering over them all day and also you won’t take time out while you are clocking the hours. Getting workouts done in the morning will not only allow you to get it done, but energize you for the day ahead of you.


You can’t do your best if you never rest! Is that true? I’m pretty sure that’s true. Yes, we are all fans of taking time off and tuning out a little so we can come back totally refreshed. Relax your body and your brain with some of these tips.

  • Aim to get a good night’s sleep. Starting a day off on a deficit isn’t great for productivity at all. Figure out what night routine works for you and stick to it. It’ll help you feel less overwhelmed or tired in the morning. 
  • Take time off. Include time off in your daily schedule. Sometimes working from home can lead to burnout because giving yourself a break is not always a priority when you have a packed day.
  • Turn off. Working from home makes it super easy to always be on. All you need is your computer right? Making sure you are giving yourself a time to stop, because you can go on forever.


Try Something New

Set aside your regular mode or activity and try something a little different at your desk or after hours.

  • Try a three or four day week. You create your own schedule, so try working really hard on the things you need to finish for the start of the week, and then taking a day to run errands and two days to have to yourself. 
  • Try the pomodoro technique! On days that you’re feeling extra distracted or have hard deadlines to meet. Set everything aside and focus on one task or objective for 25 minute increments with 5 minute breaks in between.
  • Try a new hobby. Why not balance your schedule out with something you’ve been dreaming of? Get your body moving with archery or ballet. Manifest your latest inspirations in a painting or sculpture course. The sky’s the limit, as they say!

What inspires your best work, pretty birds? What distracts you from being productive? You know yourself best! Set yourself up for success by creating the right conditions. Leave a comment below and share your own habits, routines, and preferences with us!


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