Seven trend make for next autumn


Seven trend make up for next autumn

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Michela Marra | Saturday July 8th 2017

Don’t you want to experience the trend beauty that we saw on the catwalks last season? We look forward to it! From graphic eyeliner to berry lips to pop colours for an eye makeup that does not go unnoticed, there are many cues coming from the backstage of the most important catwalking. We have selected 7 beauty looks to which it is impossible to say no.

Berry lips

The lips are tinged with dark shades in the red-purple and burgundy colours. If you choose a lipstick of these shades, make sure the rest of the make-up is minimal. To seal the beauty look there is a coat of black mascara. The effect is still assured!

Graphic Eyeliner

A trend that finds in every season a new confirmation and new declinations: the eyeliner no longer follows the upper rhyme of the eye but becomes a graphic artefact for unedited geometries. The eyelids turn into a palette where it is possible to give free expression to your imagination, but always with super cool results.

Blue eyes makeup

There is no doubt: eye makeup this autumn is definitely blue. Full colour, smokey eyes, intense or blurred, and especially pop, the colour of the sky proves to have more souls, all to be experienced.

Pink shades

From blush to eye powders, pink is one of the dominant colours. Nevertheless, forget the usual confetti nuance: the rose has an orange tip for an even more romantic and vaguely vintage result.

Metal make up

Metal nuance colour eyelids and nails. Gold wins on everything, often matched with other shades. Among the many possibilities, the winner is the eyeshadow that heats and makes bright very black smokey eyes. The finish is undoubtedly a real rock diva.

Twiggy eyelashes

The twiggy style wins; it is always very much loved by make-up artists: the eyelashes are long, black and separate in small tufts. The extra touch is the eyeliner, better if a graphic one to give even more originality to the beauty look

Pop eyebrows

Moreover, many of the make-ups offered to fashion shows focus on eyelashes. For example, Pucci has modelled the eyelashes using pop nuances, from red to white plaster to green. Designed for the most courageous, it requires a minimal make-up.

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