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Sankofa: Episode N.1

I am so happy to share my podcast series Sankofa with you all. Listen to the episode to find out the meaning of Sankofa and why I chose the name for the series.

In this introductory episode I talk about the many reasons that led me to create the series and I layout a sort of road map of the direction I would like to steer it.

So much has changed since I launched All the Pretty Birds as a street style blog in November 2008. You Pretty Birds have consistently encouraged me to move outside my comfort zone and to branch out to cover other topics such as food, fitness and popular culture. Sankofa is an extension of everything we are doing here on the blog and a space to document, nurture and fuel our continuous evolution. It’s also very much a place for any of you that are in transition and that are looking for ideas on how to identify and follow new passions and activity.  As always it will be a work in progress that I hope will improve with each new episode. So please have a listen, subscribe and leave tons of comments, questions as well as suggestions for topics.

xoxo, Tamu

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