Sanna Marin Leads Finland as the World’s Youngest Prime Minister + More News

by Debra Brown

sanna marin

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Sanna Marin, 34, Becomes the World’s Youngest Prime Minister

Finnish minister Sanna Marin, 34, will be the world’s youngest sitting prime minister and the third female prime minister in the Nordic country. The former transport and communications minister was picked by her Social Democratic party after its leader, Antti Rinne, quit as PM. 

She will lead a center-left coalition with four other parties, all headed by women, three of whom are under 35. Finland’s Social Democrats have led the country’s left-wing coalition since earlier this year, but has faced strong opposition from the rising populist right-wing Finns Party. 


House Democrats Introduce Formal Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Trump, charging him with abuse of power in the Ukraine affair and obstruction of Congress. The articles appeared 77 days after the House launched a formal inquiry into Trump’s freezing of assistance to Ukraine and request to investigate his political rival. It marked only the fourth time in U.S. history that articles of impeachment have been introduced against a president.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to send the articles to the full House for a vote on whether to impeach the president, after it completes work on amending them. The House plans to hold a full vote on the articles before Congress leaves for Christmas break, after which the Senate will take up the matter in January.


University Of Phoenix Reaches $191 Million Settlement With FTC

The University of Phoenix is paying a record $191 million to settle a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission accusing the for-profit university of using deceptive ads to lure students with the promise of future job opportunities with large companies such as AT&T, Adobe, Twitter, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

The settlement includes a plan to cancel $141 million in student debts that are owed to the school by people who enrolled from October 2012 through the end of 2016, the period in which the FTC says prospective students might have been duped.

Court documents establishing the settlement give the University of Phoenix and its parent company, Apollo Education Group, 15 business days to send an email and letter to eligible students, informing them that they’re covered by the agreement. The school has 55 business days to tell credit reporting agencies to delete the debt from students’ credit reports.


Hundreds of Thousands To Lose Access to Food Stamps

The Trump administration gave final approval to a rule that will remove nearly 700,000 people from the federal food-stamp program by strictly enforcing federal work requirements. The change is expected to shave nearly $5.5 billion from food stamp spending over five years.

The rule, which was proposed by the Agriculture Department, would press states to carry out work requirements for able-bodied adults without children that governors have routinely been allowed to waive. The economy has improved under the Trump administration, the department argued, and assistance to unemployed, able-bodied adults was no longer necessary in a strong job market. That requirement can be difficult for people who are already homeless or have transportation issues, some poverty experts said, especially for low-wage workers who often are not offered 20 hours a week of steady work.


Kansas City Is First Major City In U.S. To Offer Free Public Transportation

Lawmakers in Kansas City, Missouri unanimously voted to make public transportation in the city free of charge, becoming the first major U.S. city to have free public transit.

The Kansas City Council voted to direct the city manager to set aside $8 million to eliminate the $1.50 per ride fare or $50 for a monthly pass that currently applies to the city’s bus system. Some frequent riders could save about $1,000 per year under the new plan

Supporters of the measure on social media pointed out that free public transit could have positive impacts on economic inequality, the city’s efforts to fight the climate crisis, and mass incarceration. 


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