Roki Tries: Cap Beauty’s The O’Clocks

by Roki Prunali

The O'Clocks

There is no denying our cult addiction to anything and everything CAP Beauty. I mean, when they say jump, we say how high. So, when they came out with their latest line of adaptogens, they were instantly in our cart ready to be purchased. Sprinkling adaptogens in my morning coffee has become my morning ritual and I am so open to introducing new ones whenever I finish a cycle. Mixing it up every once and a while keeps my body from becoming too used to them.

We all know the importance of adaptogens in our daily lives, and CAP has been striving to bring adaptogenic herbs into the beauty world. CAP Beauty decided to create their own line because they knew what was missing from the current offering on the market. Their passion and dedication for finding the perfect blends of specially-sourced herbs, they created the O’Clocks.

I’m ready to shake my daily adaptogen routine, and the O’Clocks offers three options throughout the day, because the truth is, certain supplements are better at specific times of the day. With all of the amazing super herbs we now have access to, searching for the best combination can become quite tedious. The O’Clocks have got you covered with their set of adaptogenic blends. They support you through the highs and lows of your day and night. Created in collaboration with Master Herbalist Rehmannia Dean Thomas, they will guide you around the clock.

The O'Clocks

The O’Clocks: 8 AM

Good morning – and what a great way to start your morning, especially if you generally need a little help conquering your day. The 8AM aims to “elevate and levitate” with White Atractylodes and Astragalus, which support immune function, digestion and metabolism. It also has Reishi (one of my favorites), which has a calming effect on you. The Rhodiola helps you focus (brain fog, anyone?), creativity and stamina and the Moringa fights inflammation. These herbs are sweetened with Luo Han Guo, a.k.a. Monk Fruit.

The O'Clocks

The O’Clocks: 4 PM

This is probably the hardest time of the day for me, when I get the midday crash. The 4PM “reawaken and restores” you to get through your afternoon slump. This blend includes Rhodiola and Astragalus as well, but with Codonopsis. Together, they fight to support immune function and digestion while also combatting that low blood sugar low energy. Goji supports vitality with its dose of Vitamin C and all eight amino acids. The Reishi always keeps the calm while the Rehmannia helps the adrenals. Also sweetened with Luo Han Guo.

The O'Clocks

The O’Clocks: 10PM

Think of it as your nightcap to get you some “Superior Shuteye”. The 10PM is all about giving you high quality sleep. Spirit Poria calms the mind and centers the heart. Jujube relieves insomnia while supporting digestion, and also helps detoxify the blood. Chinese Skullcap quiets anxiety, while allowing you to heal during sleep to build up your immune system. Polygonum Stem and Pearl add the beauty rest to your sleep. Also sweetened with Luo Han Guo.

All blends are gluten free and vegan. You can try them straight up with water, blend them into a smoothie with some fatty butters, or stir into your coffee. Whatever the time of day you may need a pick me up, sprinkle a little O’Clock into your life.

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