Road Trip Style: But Make It Fashion

by Tamu McPherson

Last year my friend Saidah, my fairy goddaughter Maya, and I went on our very first American road trip. While I had never been on a road trip before, I had some outdoor performance wear that I bought for my stay at the Ranch in Malibu a few years ago which I thought would be appropriate for our visits to national parks and other nature-related attractions. While those pieces served me well on our 8 state tour, I felt like my road trip style was missing a little of the sparkle that I am used to in my everyday life, or more precisely – the fashion.


Curating My Road Trip Style

We are heading out on our second road trip this week and I’ve packed a selection of looks that reflect my personal style. I also did something that I’ve never done before!! I packed my bag two weeks before the trip! I’ve done so much traveling this year, that packing at 2am the morning of my flight was absolutely out of the question. Aren’t you proud of me!? 


Jokes aside, packing ahead of time helped me to thoughtfully plan out each look and how I could mix-n-match items throughout the journey. You’re thinking… you are on the road every week, you should be a pro by now! What are all these deliberations about? But here’s the thing, yes, packing for fashion related events is second nature to me. And, packing for the beach is also straightforward: fabulous swimsuits, great flats and your preference in cover-ups and accessories are all you really need – you can even chuck the swimsuit once on the beach if that’s your jam. Nature related excursions are a bit more challenging for me though. When it comes to heading out into the great outdoors, I tend to be more practical and lean towards clothes that are truly suited for environmental demands, which more often than not compromises the fashion element.


Road Trip


This year I finally nailed my Swiss Alps and Tuscan Country mood. It only took me 14 years of living in Italy and repeating the same holidays every year. I promise you though, it will not take me that long to master my road trip vibe. To make sure that I satisfy this promise, I went all the way in and asked myself: what pieces would be comfortable while driving for 5 hours, what items would allow me to fully enjoy our hikes, what would I need to protect myself from insects or the elements while exploring wooded areas; and how could I interpret all of these scenarios in my best stylish way? 


As for packing early, I know we are all super-crazed with work, family, fitness, maintaining a healthy social life and all of life’s other demands, but please consider incorporating this strategy into your lives, it’s a great remedy for alleviating some of the related stress. I know that I will be making it a habit from now on, especially because I am prepared for almost anything that could arise on my trip.

To share what’s in my new East Pack Tranverz, I’ve prepared this video of my Summer Road Trip, But Make It Fashion style. I hope these examples of how I inject my personal flavor into practical outdoor dressing will inspire your own cross country wardrobe.




Featured Image, Video, and Editing by Matteo D’Agostino


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