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Tamu McPherson | Friday January 2nd 2015


Hey There Pretty Birds,

2014: it’s been done…#amirite?! But we couldn’t resist discussing the biggest moments in culture, style and music that helped define last year. If we weren’t dancing mercilessly to Beyoncé in little else but our sweatshirts and undies or, with our nose deep in the best books of the year, we could be seen discussing the nuances of “basics” between sips of rosé and bites of kale. This was the year of ups and downs, “baes” and “fleeks”, Birkenstocks and naked dresses, and we tackled it all here in a transcontinental Skype exchange that is so of the (millennial) times.

Marjon Carlos: “Books that moved, inspired.”

Tamu McPherson: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “Americanah”.

Tamu McPherson: ‘Cause you told me to get it.

Tamu McPherson: Junot Díaz, “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”.

Tamu McPherson: ‘Cause you also told me to read it.

Marjon Carlos: So the books that gave me life this year were “Ghana Must Go” by Taiye Selasi, “A Story Lately Told” and “Watch Me”, both by Anjelica Huston (she’s my spirit animal), “Half of a Yellow Sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and  I re-read “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith after meeting her at a luncheon this year. She complimented me on my dress and I just was endeared forever.

Tamu McPherson: I adore Zadie Smith! I was equally inspired when I read “White Teeth” and “On Beauty”. In fact, I often entitle my beauty posts “On Beauty” because I was so inspired by the book.

Marjon Carlos: “Music that made us dance our asses off.”

Tamu McPherson: You are going to die when I tell you what I listen to.

Tamu McPherson: Oldies – “Tell Me Now” by Marcia Griffiths, “You’re All I Need To Get By” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

Tamu McPherson: “We all Have Rhythm” by PillowTalk

Tamu McPherson: “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John.

Marjon Carlos: Who is Pillow Talk?

Tamu McPherson: he he he he (rofl).

Tamu McPherson: “Don’t Wait” by Mapei, “Came Out of a Lady” by RubbleBuckett and “Hurricanes” by Camp Claude.

Marjon Carlos: that smiley guy is hilarious.

Marjon Carlos: oh girl, i have heard of none of these folks, save for Peter Bjorn

Marjon Carlos: 😛

Tamu McPherson: he he he :$

Tamu McPherson: I live in Milan, I am so wack

Tamu McPherson: it’s a heart attack

Marjon Carlos: I basically danced my ass off to Beyonce, FKA Twigs, Drake, Kelela, Kindness, D’ANGELO, D’ANGELO, D’ANGELO.

Marjon Carlos: Oh and Lana del Rey.

Tamu McPherson: I love Drake, “Nothing was the same” album, right?

Marjon Carlos: yes!

Tamu McPherson: just making sure.

Marjon Carlos: Beyonce’s album was that rare thing that you could play over and over again and it never got stale. Drake just helps me conquer all my fears and haters (’cause there are a lot of those).

Marjon Carlos: “Films or tv shows we’re better for watching”

Tamu McPherson: Scandal!

Marjon Carlos: Le Scandal! *french accent*.

Tamu McPherson: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Lucy”.

Marjon Carlos: I loved Grand Budapest Hotel! I think it’s Wes Anderson’s best since “Royal Tenenbaums” and “Rushmore”.

Marjon Carlos: I saw less movies doe and was sunk into the “Game of Thrones”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Mad Men”, and “Gilmore Girls” re-runs

Tamu McPherson: OMG!!!!! Game of Thrones!!!

Marjon Carlos: Game of Thrones owns me.

Marjon Carlos: I cry when i watch it.

Marjon Carlos: It’s ridiculous.

Marjon Carlos: I am so excited for “Downton Abbey”.

Tamu McPherson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_z_xCWVLXk (*)

Tamu McPherson: Yes and “Downton Abbey”!

Marjon Carlos: hahahahaha, that’s amazing!

Marjon Carlos: Wait, let me scroll my netflix account and see what I was watching.

Marjon Carlos: “Stand-out escapades to breath taking and mind-awakening places.”

Marjon Carlos: I think my stand out escapade was to Maine this summer: it was heaven on earth Remote, beautiful, private. I was with my sister-in-law’s family for a week at their house and I didn’t want to leave. My tan was on fleek!

Tamu McPherson: I have three standout escapades. The first one was my Easter trip to Jamaica with my husband and son. It was their first time there, and I was very nervous about whether they would like it. My husband and I have been together for 15 years, and he resisted going until I put my foot down about our son discovering his Island roots. My husband used to joke that he didn’t want to go, because it was dangerous, and that he didn’t “want to be raped, killed and robbed,” (in that precise order). But to my delight, he really enjoyed himself, and we are returning this coming Easter with my mother and aunt. My second and third outstanding escapades took place in here in Cortina with my son Piero. The second was when E7 Armani took us for a helicopter ride above Cortina’s mountains and valleys. The view was breathtaking. It was our first time flying in a helicopter. I was extremely impressed, I can’t imagine what Piero who is seven-years-old felt. The third escapade took place the other night when Piero skied down one of the slopes here in Cortina by torch light with his instructor and other children from his ski school. The tradition is called “la fiaccolata” and is magical. I can’t imagine what it must be like for a seven-year-old to participate in such an amazing experience.

Marjon Carlos: “Favorite Fashion Moments”

Marjon Carlos: I’m trying to think of my favorite fashion moments…I think a lot of them have to do with Rihanna. She’s just so exciting to watch. I also enjoyed watching fashion media open itself up more and become more diverse. While the Kimye Vogue cover wasn’t initially my favorite, it was an important and necessary moment.

Marjon Carlos: Like Rihanna at the Fall/Winter 2014 shows in Paris was so boss to watch.

Tamu McPherson: I love Rihanna and her influence on fashion. She is the wild-child that I would have loved to be. I adore all of her fashion escapades. Notibaly, the transparent Adam Selman dress she wore to the CFDA awards to accept her honour sparked many a heated debate regarding the Appropriation of the Black Female Body, nudity as an artistic/tasteful vs vulgar form of fashion expression and the objectification of the female body in general. I thought that it was a strong personal move that highlights just how in charge of her image she truly is. Plus, with a body on fleek like that, one should be free to flaunt it as they please.

Tamu McPherson: I was floored by fashion’s acceptance of Kimye. I would never have imagined that Valentino the “Emperor” of fashion himself would have hosted their rehearsal luncheon. That’s why I fully stand behind the saying, “never say never.”

Tamu McPherson: Finally, I was moved to observe the change in attitude towards John Galliano by the fashion industry after his appointment to Martin Margiela. Many individuals are now of the opinion that “everyone deserves a second chance.” This understandably wasn’t the case shortly after the video where he made anti-semitic statements emerged, at that time sentiments of hurt and disappointment were high and many industry players and celebrity clients distanced themselves from him. It has been interesting to observe how things have unfolded after his fall from grace, his efforts to make amends for his statements, his studio stint at Oscar de la Renta and now his appointment to Maison Margiela. I am very curious to see what he will do there.

Tamu McPherson: I’m also really impressed about the buzz that Jeremy Scott has been able to create at the Italian house Moschino. Let’s see where he takes the brand in 2015.


Marjon Carlos: “Favorite slang words.”

Tamu McPherson: fleek

Marjon Carlos: “LOL

Marjon Carlos: bae

Tamu McPherson: I know one slang word.

Marjon Carlos: #same

Tamu McPherson: Now I know “so boss”! And “yassss”

Marjon Carlos: You can’t get me to stop saying “bae” or “fleek”. I remember when NY Mag ran their story on “basic bitches” and the editor and I were at this party, and she was like, “I am getting a lot of flack for that because it was written by a white writer” and I was like,”Yeah, it’s one of those stories that any major culture writer wanted to break! Black girls have been saying it for years ad nauseum.”

Marjon Carlos: “Favorite overly-buzzed about food that we still eat unironically.”

Tamu McPherson: kale

Tamu McPherson: beets

Tamu McPherson: avocado

Marjon Carlos: kale!

Marjon Carlos: fish tacos

Tamu McPherson: #nom

Marjon Carlos: LMAO

Happy 2015!!!




    You should post a video of the actual exchange. It would be interesting if you and Marjon would tape your Skype discussions on various fashion and current events.

      Tamu McPherson


      Hi Lisa,
      thank you for your comment. We will definitely plan a few video chats for the up-coming posts. Please look out for them. xoxo, Tamu



    I have the funniest friends, loved the banter ladies.

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