Responsible Escapism With Blue Sky Inn

by Emmanuelle Maréchal

Blue Sky Inn ATPB

COVI-19 travel restrictions left many unable to get away from the dullness of a routine spent in their apartments. Although some fashion professionals predict ‘a Roaring Twenties era is on its way’, others are busy creating the perfect getaway through their wardrobe. That’s what the collective behind the Blue Sky Inn wants to achieve. Born amidst the pandemic back in February 2021, the fashion label oozes a sense of nostalgic, yet hopeful escapism thanks to traveling postcards-worthy prints. If travel is one of the brand’s pillars, sustainability is at its core. In a society where more and more consumers want to buy responsibly, brands such as Blue Sky Inn are setting the example.



‘Many hands make light work’ is Blue Sky Inn‘s response to tackling a better structure.

In their words, “Blue Sky Inn is the brainchild of various fashion professionals who united to create a sustainable brand. Our collective consists of people from different areas of the fashion industry, such as production management, design, graphic design, buying, and retail management.”

The structure behind Blue Sky Inn is its strengths. They bring together professionals with a diverse set of skills to create a brand. Such a structure in fashion is unheard of. Nowadays, brands rely on a star or up-and-coming designer with a skilled CEO. But as the fashion professionals behind Blue Sky Inn reveal, “many brands have great ideas and designs but lack the commercial structure, production ability, and resources.”


Blue Sky Inn was born a sustainable brand and is constantly pushing to keep on track with the best eco-friendly practices to produce responsibly. 


“We want Blue Sky Inn to be a brand that pays attention to the planet. That is why all our fabrics come from certified organic or recycled resources. They are then processed or dyed with the least water and electricity possible to avoid waste. Our team is currently studying how to complete the sustainability process by adding a recycling and upcycling program. Only once achieved will we be able to call ourselves a fully-fledged sustainable fashion company.”

From a customer’s point of view, Blue Sky Inn came to life because there was “a lack of sustainable clothing at accessible pricing. Furthermore, [they] also noticed there wasn’t any sustainable apparel with new and creative prints inspiring people to be happy, travel abroad, and wear the same sustainable clothes in different places.” 

Blue Sky Inn is part of ‘1% For The Planet’, whose co-founder is businessman and Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard. The brand has committed to giving 1% of its profits to the organization for a better planet. 


Blue Sky Inn ATPB

Blue Sky Inn transcribes its passion for road trips across North and Central America through beautiful prints and creates the perfect wardrobe for escapism.

Tn the selection, the collective says, “The blue color of the sky and the sea embodies the first Summer capsule. Strong holiday vibe prints on organic viscose stand out against a neutral palette of sand-colored, naturally dyed jersey hoodies and sweats. The prints take us on a journey from the North American retro motels and inns to Central America’s tropical nature. Black and blue uniforms with white inserts take us inside the inn with its hype-dressed waiters and staff. Organic silk foulards and recycled nylon swim trunks complete the fully sustainable collection into your 24-hour-round summer wardrobe.”

The 50s and 60s inform Blue Sky Inn’s first collection. Yet the collective wanted to create fresh clothing that resonates with everyone, hence styles going from streetwear to urban evening wear. The collection includes both extravagant and colorful prints as well as plain colored shirts and beach pants.


Blue Sky Inn ATPB

For the collection, Blue Sky Inn, collaborated with Rivolta Carmignani to create beautiful beach towels. Such a collaboration sparked curiosity as to know if the brand will keep on working with other brands. 

“We wanted the most prestigious Italian linen brand to produce our beach towels to complement the collection’s motel vibe. After much research, we found Rivolta Carmignani, whose heritage, longevity, and know-how immediately convinced us.”

Sustainability being at the core of the brand, they chose a brand that reflected their values with Rivolta Carmignani. It is “the first company in the textile industry to receive the highest acknowledgments regarding the quality and eco-friendliness of its products.” 

Blue Sky Inn has a very strategic approach to collaboration because they know they are just at their beginnings. Despite many companies desiring to collaborate with them, they are waiting to see how the first collection will do. “We believe that for some product categories, it is best to join forces with the best brand on the market and work out something that includes the best of both worlds. But first and foremost, we want to collaborate with companies that share the same ambition to create a more sustainable world.”


Where Blue Sky Inn is heading after launching its first collection.

“Our SS22 collection is our next step. It will be on the shop floors before the end of the year. To give you a sneak peek at our SS22 collection we can tell you that it will still take us on another trip, but to the mountains in summer.  In parallel with completing our sustainability cycle, we are working on a platform linking young brands and talents with sustainable fabric suppliers, producers, and international boutiques and department stores. ”



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