Repeat It: Tamu McPherson’s F/W Hero Blouse & Boots

by Tamu McPherson


#RepeatIt is a series that focuses on highlighting stylish people and the clothing they wear all of the time, rather than something new, in an effort to promote a more healthy and mindful behavior around shopping when it comes to fashion. 


Repeat It: Tamu McPherson

This season #REPEATIT has become my motto when it comes to getting dressed and here’s why. Since I completed My No Spending Challenge last year, I committed to wearing every item in my wardrobe multiple times. Completing the challenge really helped me to hone in on the way I would like to personally participate in fashion and sustainability. More than ever, I’ve been mindful of the items I purchase, and I make an effort to limit unnecessary acquisitions that could potentially end up in a landfill one day. I have also begun to resuscitate past season favorites making sure that I incorporate them into my current outfit rotation. You can read about my wardrobe remixing in “What This Old Thing” on Grazia UK. In addition, I’ve organized my closet in a way that allows me to constantly see my clothes and accessories. I’ve also begun making collages to visually style outfits that I would like to try out – maybe I will create my own outfit app – stay tuned.

For this inaugural edition of #ATPBREPEATIT, I’ve styled my F/W Hero Blouse & Boots. For the past couple of seasons, I have been musing that my closet needed a blouse refresh. I have some major stunners in my wardrobe, but I was looking for some new gems to top off my outfits. When I saw this AWAKE MODE blouse I knew I had a winner. In cherry red with dramatic sleeves, it’s the exact statement I want to repeat over and over again. In contrast, I was on the fence about these ice blue Bottega Veneta boots. Did I really love the silhouette, did they really look good on me, did I really need another pair of booties? In the end, I broke down and ordered them and literally wear them with every other outfit that I put on my body. Sometimes it happens like that.

To make sure that I am wearing everything in my closet, for my FW19/20 rotation I’ve included new items like orange Jacquemus trousers, FW18/19’s hero Chloe trousers, and I’ve unpacked this Carven FW14/15 leopard print skirt. And, I have to tell you that each piece feels fresh and of the moment. The Carven skirt actually reminds me of this Jacquemus skirt that I’ve been coveting. This is just a taste of my repeat flow. I am looking forward to discovering how many ways and times I can repeat my favorite items, it’s definitely a newfound passion/obsession (wink). Are you catching the fever yet? What are you repeating over in your closet?


Tamu McPherson’s Hero Blouse, Boots, and Accessories


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Images by Camilla Mecagni


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