Repeat It: Sarah Brody

by Team ATPB

repeat it sarah brody sustainable fashion week


#RepeatIt is a series that focuses on highlighting stylish people and the clothing they wear all of the time, rather than something new, in an effort to promote a more healthy and mindful behavior around shopping when it comes to fashion. In our second installment of the series, we talk to Sarah Brody, market and accessories director at Interview Magazine, about her style, how she shops, and what items she repeats the most.


Repeat It: Sarah Brody


All The Pretty Birds: How would you describe your style?

Sarah Brody: I dress boldly and vibrantly, but most importantly, for myself. I tend to gravitate towards prints and I’m often pairing animal print with florals or plaids. 


repeat it sarah brody sustainable fashion week

Look 1: Martine Rose Pants, Ashley Williams Shirt, Celine Sunglasses, B Pendant Necklace, Carolee Pearl Necklace, Missoma London Gold Chain Necklaces and Earrings, Prada Bag, Marques Almeida Boots


ATPB: How do you shop? By trend, by favorite brands, based on some specific inspiration?

SB: I tend to shop mostly online and filter sites by my favorite brands. Part of my job is to scour collections and runway shows for the best pieces to feature in the magazine and I’m often mentally dog earring my favorites for my own wardrobe as well; eBay and Yoox are the best for the ones that got away from seasons past. I’m constantly inspired by people with their own fearless sense of style.


ATPB: How often would you say you repeat items in your closet?

SB: I repeat items in my closet weekly! Whether it’s my favorite pair of vintage denim or men’s shirting, I’m constantly rotating more classic silhouettes and pairing them with a bold pattern or texture. My gold necklaces, most of them sentimental are mainstays as well. 


repeat it sarah brody sustainable fashion week


ATPB: Do you usually repeat items or looks during fashion month? How does it feel to do so?

SB: Repeating items makes getting dressed easier and traveling lighter! I’m always thinking about the cost per wear, so the more use I get out of a singular piece or outfit, the better! 


ATPB: Have you ever felt the pressure to wear something new each day of fashion month? 

SB: There’s definitely pressure to wear something new or “dress up” during fashion month, which can be both daunting and tiresome. If I can wear one pair of pants in three different ways, why not? The days are often long, so sporting an outfit that makes me feel confident is half the battle.


repeat it sarah brody sustainable fashion week


ATPB: What is your impression of the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) approach to social media that specifically focuses on new items, or the object of the moment? 

SB: With social media such an integral part of our lives, we’re building our own brand identities on these platforms, showcasing our personal style and therefore part of our character. I think the OOTD approach that specifically focuses on new items is not sustainable economically or environmentally for the industry, the state of the world, or ourselves. While we of course want to wear (and post) of the moment items, I personally think it’s important to also resurrect those from the depths of my own closet to mix in and give a second (or third or fourth) chance to and I feel good doing it.


ATPB: Do you ever think about the message that we send to our followers or readers in terms of this practice? 

SB: I constantly think about the message we send our followers. I only align myself with brands or projects I feel are representative of my personal style and not forced and hopefully put good energy out in the world both online and IRL. Authenticity and engagement really do go hand in hand.  


repeat it sarah brody sustainable fashion week

Look 2: Martine Rose Pants and Shirt, Vince Sweater, Celine Sunglasses and Boots, Prada Bag. Celine Earrings, B Pendant Necklace and Dinosaur Necklace. Other Necklaces Missoma London


ATPB: Does the focus on the newest item encourage our followers to invest in pieces that they will wear long term, does it bolster their individuality, will it sustain their joy?

SB: I think about the correlation between clothing and happiness often. For me, impulse shopping and focusing on the newest, of the moment item brings short term joy. It’s often a timeless piece I’ve been pining over for a few seasons, that I know will not only get the most wear in my wardrobe, but bring the most satisfaction. When I see everyone on social media sporting the same current kitten heel or belt bag, I’m deterred from buying it as there is a loss of individuality. 


ATPB: Do you ever think about the role that our obsession with accumulating the next new thing plays in the proliferation of fashion industry related pollution? 

SB: I’ll be the first to say, I’m an avid shopper, but I think it’s all about shopping smart. As a culture, we’re obsessed with what’s new, shiny, and slightly far fetched and we’re constantly figuring out how to justify it- the sale, the purchase. In order to reduce my own waste within the fashion industry, I am constantly recycling and upcycling my own wardrobe. Additionally, with fast fashion comes a lack of quality and an excess of quantity, so I tend to avoid high street shopping all together. Constantly buying new, only contributes to the fashion industry related pollution, so I think it’s about balance and the small changes in our shopping behavior, such as buying second hand or consignment that will gradually make a difference. 


repeat it sarah brody sustainable fashion week


ATPB: Do you have any advice related to regularly wearing items or repeating looks for individuals outside of the fashion industry who don’t have access to samples, gifts, discounts?

SB: It’s all about quality over quantity! I love consignment sites like TheRealReal, have found some of my best Phoebe Philo for Celine pieces on eBay, and am always scrolling through Yoox for discounted items from my favorite seasons that I’ve longed for even up to ten years. Local thrift shops are great for vintage accessories—the best belts and bags are the ones previously loved.  


ATPB: Can you share some trends that you saw on the runway during the SS20 season which will be around for the next few seasons?

SB: I was excited to see so many oversized bag shapes and this deterrence from the micro mini bag that has been popular from contemporary to mass markets over the past few seasons. I loved the woven styles at Bottega Veneta and the embossed ones worn crossbody at Sies Marjan. Square toed shoes are definitely here to stay as well; I loved the loafer-boot hybrid at Loewe- an updated take on a classic shape. 



Images by Renwe Jules

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