Repeat It: Nikki Ogunnaike

by Team ATPB

nikki ogunnaike

#RepeatIt is a series that focuses on highlighting stylish people and the clothing they wear all of the time, rather than something new, in an effort to promote a more healthy and mindful behavior around shopping when it comes to fashion. 


Repeat It: Nikki Ogunnaike

In our third installment of the series, we talk to Nikki Ogunnaike, GQ’s Deputy Fashion Director and host of Snapchat’s Online, IRL, about her style, how she shops, and what items she repeats the most during New York Fashion Week.

nikki ogunnaike

Look 1: Levi’s x Karla Boiler Suit, GAP Turtleneck, Nike x SACAI Sneakers, Loewe Puzzle Bag, Warby Parker Eyeglasses 


All The Pretty Birds: How would you describe your style?

Nikki Ogunnaike: My style is essentially classic with a bit of a sporty twist. Ultimately, I hate for my clothing to get in the way of my having a good time or feeling comfortable so I wear lots of separates (trousers, blouses, blazers), low-heels, and sneakers. My mom had a huge scarf collection when I was young, so I often find myself gravitating towards them as a finishing piece.


ATPB: How do you shop? By trend, by favorite brands, based on some specific inspiration?

NO: By trend, by favorite brands, based on some specific inspiration? In the past few years, I’ve tried to slow down my shopping, adding pieces that would only help the bottom line which is getting dressed faster and without stress. I have a running list of pieces in my mind that I like to tick off and would say I eventually get everything I want 🙂


nikki ogunnaike


ATPB: How often would you say you repeat items in your closet?

NO: All the time! What’s the point in investing in your clothes if you won’t re-wear them?


ATPB: Do you usually repeat items or looks during fashion month? How does it feel to do so?

NO: I do, but they’re usually basics: think a Uniqlo cashmere sweater, Gap turtleneck, CDG Play button down shirt. It feels fine! It sounds simple, but I like to wear my clothes!


nikki ogunnaike


ATPB: Have you ever felt the pressure to wear something new each day of fashion month? 

NO: Of course, but that can easily tow the line of fashion victim, which is not something I’d want. I’m also not a blogger or influencer who gets paid to wear multiple outfits, so that relieves any stress as well!


ATPB: What is your impression of the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) approach to social media that specifically focuses on new items, or the object of the moment? 

NO: Whatever floats your boat! But I personally have always subscribed to the 1 piece multiple way sort of dressing. My formative work years were in women’s fashion magazines and I always loved to see how editors would re-wear their clothes and teach how readers how they could do the same.


nikki ogunnaike

Look 2: Levi’s x Karla Boiler Suit, GAP Turtleneck, Tamara Mellon Kindred Mid Calf 55 Leopard Boots, Loewe Puzzle Bag, Old Céline Necklace, Maiyet x Warby Parker Sunglasses


ATPB: Do you ever think about the message that we send to our followers or readers in terms of this practice? 

NO: Sure! In my #BathroomBigFit series on Instagram, you’ll see I often repeat pieces as I think it’s important to show readers how to practice the same.


ATPB: Do you ever think about the role that our obsession with accumulating the next new thing plays in the proliferation of fashion industry related pollution? 

NO: I think everyone could stand to be a little more thoughtful in terms of how much we shop, where we shop, and why we shop.


nikki ogunnaike


ATPB: Do you have any advice related to regularly wearing items or repeating looks for individuals outside of the fashion industry who don’t have access to samples, gifts, discounts?

NO: Invest in the best that your budget can afford you, shop second hand, and take pride in knowing you worked hard to purchase clothing that will last!


nikki ogunnaike


ATPB: Can you share some trends that you saw on the runway during FW20/21 which will be around for the next few seasons? 

NO: In terms of menswear classic suits like this one from Wales Bonner will never go out of style for Womens: Prada is full of classics! This look is a personal favorite.


Imagery by Darrel Hunter @modehunter @darrelhunterphotography


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