Should You Consider Redefining Your Wellness Plan in the New Year?

by Chloe' Flowers

When thinking of wellness you may immediately imagine the themes showcased in the media. There is a specific mold that is marketed to us by the media which preaches health in limiting ways. The truth is that wellness is so much more than yoga mats and green juice. There is not one single image or idea that could represent wellness as a whole. Wellness is about thriving instead of just surviving. True wellness is focusing on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Wellness looks different for everyone and has a wide healing spectrum. Many of us are ready to incorporate healing and wellness into our lives, but aren’t sure where to start or what we need. Redefining your wellness plan is essential year to year, because your needs are ever changing. 


Redefining your goals in general is a beautiful expression of self care. As you grow, you will have to make adjustments to your pivoting inner self. The most beautiful thing about development is the newness each stage brings. Offer yourself personal grace when redefining your intentions.


When Redefining Your Wellness Plan, Find Your Lane…


Determining what type of wellness you should invest in depends on your personal narrative. Whatever needs attention in your life is what you should focus on. If you want to reach a weight goal or build muscle definition, your wellness may look like better nutritional decisions and spending time moving your body. If you are in a space of hardship or loss then maybe you need to do some soul searching wellness shifts. Perhaps you need to see a therapist or spend more time in solitude after a traumatizing experience? Some people may want to practice better relationship habits, and strengthen the connections around them. Wellness could be deciding to stop smoking or to cut toxic relationships out of your life. The forms of wellness are unlimited and customizable for each human being.


Personally, I need a complete wellness reset. I really lost balance over the holidays and want to feel healthier and happier. I know it is time for a wellness reset when I am overly anxious, indecisive and feeling overwhelmed for days at a time. Unresolved issues and lack of self care can affect me almost immediately when I start slacking.


Here are some things on my most recent wellness plan that usually get me back on track:


  1. Take daily vitamins consistently
  2. Moving my body once a day with yoga, running or stretching
  3. Daily writing practices to clear my mind of fog and negativity
  4. Crying when I feel sad and embracing all emotions regardless of intensity
  5. Allowing friends and family to show me love or grace
  6. Remind myself that I am deserving of this form of attention ^
  7. Celebrating small wins to keep myself motivated with short term goals
  8. Drinking plenty of water, especially on the days I consume coffee
  9. Slowing down and doing things in a mindful way and practicing being present
  10. Cutting myself off from eating out as this connects to nutrition and finances
  11. Allowing creative surges to wash over me and writing ideas down immediately
  12. Increase therapy sessions 


It took me many years to cultivate a toolbox of go-to wellness practices when I am in hard chapters of life. The main way to build these habits is to try them in the moment when you feel low. Continue to indulge in the practices that work for you. Look inward at your specific needs and you’ll have a wellness plan in no time. 


Getting Into Your Wellness Plan Reset


Once you have some ideas on your wellness plan, research them! Go crazy with the possibilities that could lead to your healing. Use the internet as a tool and find out exactly what you need to do. A wellness plan is as simple as a piece of paper that has all the changes and goals you want to strive for. I keep my wellness plan in my planner, so that it’s always with me. Gain insight  from people who have been on the same journey as you, people who have had success in this new lane you’ve discovered. Create sticky notes and put them around your bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator, to prevent you from losing sight. Commit to the decisions you’ve made about yourself and maintain tunnel vision on that ‘higher level’ you. Manifest the ‘you’ of your wildest dreams through actionable steps.


The more comfortable you become with using your wellness tools, the more comfortable of a life you will live. You have to prioritize yourself when it comes to your wellbeing. To be well is to be content and comfortable within your life and your circumstances. You have your own body, your own journey, and your own heart. How is it possible for everyone’s health plan to look the same? How is it that the media portrays the spa to be the most healing place for every individual? Sure, the spa would be a luxurious experience for any of us, but the scope for wellness is much wider than what we are often shown. I encourage you to start the process of rest, or healing as you need to heal, by first, exploring a wellness plan that is most suitable for you. Whether it is seeking alternatives to buckle down with our original goals or pivoting to pursue a more realistic shortlist; we can all benefit from reclaiming and redefining our wellness plan. 


Images via Sophia Roe


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