Pumpkin Cappuccino for Thanksgiving

by Tamu McPherson


Hey There Pretty Birds,

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? It’s one day away. We will be spending the evening with the very fabulous J.J. Martin and her equally glamorous friends. Last year we brought a multi-cheese maccheroni-n-cheese as our side-dish to the annual dinner, this year we were thinking about preparing Lorella Fabris’ super yummy pumpkin cappuccino featured on the Italian food site Giallo Zafferano.

As always we did a little test run at Tamu’s Cafe to make sure that it was a dish that we could handle. How did it turn out? The Pumpkin soup was very easy to execute, quite delicious and pretty filling. The foam was more challenging to execute and is definitely a skill that we will be revisiting to perfect real soon. Here is the recipe below. Try it out and let us know what you think. For know, we’re wishing you a beautiful Happy Thanksgiving. XO, Team ATPB.

Ingredients (For Two Servings)

Potatoes 200 gr
Vegetable Broth 500 ml
Leek 1
A sprig of rosemary
Extra virgin Olive Oil (as much as needed)
Salt (as much as needed)
Pepper (as much as needed)
Pumpkin 400 gr

Robiola (we used organic goat milk Robiola, or other fresh cheeses) 160 gr
Fresh cream 250 ml
Prune jam 2 spoons
Almonds 2 spoons

To make the Pumpkin Cappuccino start by removing the skin and the seeds of the pumpkin and cut it into cubes. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Clean the leek and cut it thinly. Heat 4 spoons of olive oil in a pot, saute the leek, then add the pumpkin and the potatoes and season them with the thinly chopped rosemary. Brown it off and add the vegetable broth until it’s cooked. When the vegetables are cooked, let them cool and then blend until you have a creamy velvet sauce.

To prepare the foam: In a bowl, mix the robiola and the cream and whip them into a foamy and fluffy mixture, then add salt and pepper to season. Now you can compose your Pumpkin Cappuccino: Pour the velvet sauce (soup) into cups, add a layer of cream and cheese foam and garnish with a spoon of prune jam and sliced almonds. Serve your Cappuccino immediately!

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