Protecting Inner Peace Through Positivity

by Chloe' Flowers

protecting inner peace


The universe is throwing so much at the human race right now. This year has left many of us feeling disconnected from everything we once knew. For some of us, our entire lives have been turned upside down. Some of us have lost family members, our good health, and steady income. Others have lost their sense of emotional stability and desire to push forward. People’s businesses, weddings, and personal plans have come crashing down. A global pandemic and intensified racial tension are occurring simultaneously and proving extremely overwhelming for the world. One of the scary parts about it all is that we don’t know when it will end. We have been placed in such a space of uncertainty. Today, I want to offer ways to stay positive and maintain inner peace so we have sound minds and hearts when things begin to ease. 


Protecting inner peace through positivity

I’ve heard these times described as slow. We have been forced into this decelerative mode with no way to escape. So many of the “hard things” have to be faced head-on. Relationships and livelihood are on the line. A lot of things are totally out of our control, and it is scary. One thing I know about hard times is that they don’t last forever. Sometimes the way to victory is to go through hell first. I want to encourage you to remember that the rain will end, this too shall pass. Let’s take some time to focus on what we do have control of.


Ask yourself who you want to be on the other side of this pandemic

Before we were interrupted by the pandemic, we were already setting intentions and making changes for the new year. Now is the time to think about who you want to be when we come out of this worldly slump. Will you look back on this isolation time and wish you had done something specific? Will you ever have this much time to polish your belief system and mental health? Use this opportunity to your advantage, so that you can take off full speed, equipped with the tools you need. Think about all the things you wish you had time to do before things shifted. Were you trying to save your money, learn a new language, try a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, or exercise more? Is there a relationship you need to reevaluate or a hobby you want to pick up? What do you want to be able to say you accomplished during this quarantine season? Now is the time to do those things! 


Connect with your community

Slicing social activities out of our lives for months at a time can cause feelings of loneliness. I didn’t see any friends or family for months at the beginning of lockdown. Something I did do was take the time to reach out to my friends and loved ones a lot more. I got to know things about my family that I never had or took the time to learn before. Something positive about slowing down is getting the opportunity to learn new ways of connection. These times force us to be more flexible, creative, and intentional about the way we socialize with one another. Social media has become more of a resource hub that I love. With the racial unrest, my community has really stood up for each other and the love is shared daily with complete strangers! If you want to connect more with your family and other humans in general, now is the time to do so. People are exercising their voices and lifting each other up. Don’t be afraid to join the movement of love and communication. 


Turn your pain into your power

As if things weren’t intense enough with the pandemic, we are also knee-deep in heightened racial hostilities right now. Black people are being murdered left and right. And we are tired. I have experienced feelings of helplessness, and not knowing what to do beyond donating and using my voice. Know that at this time, just taking care of yourself is enough. Educating yourself is enough, and sharing resources is enough. Uplifting your friends and community is more than enough right now. In the midst of my anger and pain, I am also really proud of my people. I am honored by the way we’ve come together. I’m so appreciative of the community and the love surrounded by so much hatred and death. I think the good part about being angry is that it drives consistency. Know that your anger can fuel the movement and contribute to the wellness of your loved ones. This is a time of havoc, but it can also be a time of growth.  


Make room for JOY

There may be guilt attached to smiling and feelings of joy during a time like this. I want you to know that bliss is deserved and healthy for us right now. Take the time to plan a safe outing or spend time with someone you trust and can laugh with. Make room in your life for positive moments so you can continue to spread love. Generating some form of regular optimism will prepare you for what’s beyond.


Some of my favorite ways to make room for joy are listening to music and dancing, making sure that I hold space for celebrations of life and accomplishments, and spending time eating and connecting with my close family and friends who bring me joy. Last but not least, celebrating my body and health brings me serenity. Don’t shy away from the good things because times are intense. Do what brings you high spirits so that we can have global balance and eventually peace.


Image by Tiffany Alfonseca


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