Pro tips for a perfect gold look


Pro Tips For a Perfect Gold Look

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Michela Marra | Friday November 3rd 2017

Pro Tips For a Perfect Gold Look

It’s not just a trend: gold makeup, in all of its variations, has always been a foolproof solution for a show-stopping look during the holiday season. It illuminates your gaze and face, it can liven up the lips and eyes, and last but not least, it’s also quick and easy to apply. And if you are anything like us at ATPB, any time-saver is worth investigating. Want to pull the look off impeccably? Follow these five easy steps.

Step One: Never Forget Your Moisturizer

Whatever makeup you choose, don’t forget to create the perfect base by applying a moisturizer and primer to your face. Only an impeccable base will allow your makeup to look uniform and last its longest. How will you know the right cream to choose? If you have skin that is rather dry, choose a rich formula. Or, if your skin is combination skin/oily, choose a light one. Apply primer on your eyes and lips too, to ensure your makeup holds perfectly: this is truly a must on important occasions!
The right product for you: Lock-It Hydrating Primer by Kat Von D

Step Two: How to Blend Gold Eyeshadow on Your Eyelids

Even if you’re not already a makeup pro, this part is actually quite easy. Choose a cream shadow, which will be applied to your eyelid with your fingertips. Alternatively, you can choose a shimmery powder to apply with a medium-sized brush: you can then use a smaller brush for the details. The choices are really endless; if you don’t want a pure gold eye, you can mix your gold shadow with other colors. Which solution is the most glam? Mix gold shadow with a deep black to extend your gaze and make everything more seductive. All you need to do is smudge a bit of black powder on the outermost part of your eye and in the crease.
The right product for you: Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow in Pearly Gold by Kiko

Step Three: As Much Eyeliner and Mascara As You Like

When focusing your look on your eyes, apply a line of black eyeliner along your upper rim. The trick to this is to never say die – the darker the line the more dramatic the look. Looking for something slightly easier? Try pairing a black eyeliner pencil with a stroke of gold eyeliner: double eyeliner is a timeless trend that always brings the drama. Finally, seal the look with a generous amount of mascara, preferably in an intense black.
The right product for you: L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Eyeliner Black

Step Four: Finding the Right Blush

For the right balance to finish of your look, choose a subtle tone that is not very bright. Also, go easy on the sculpting effects! Too much contouring will look too over the top.
The right product for you: NARS Blush in Bumpy Ride

Step Five: Choosing the Right Lipstick

Gold makeup is perfect for lips, too, especially a super shiny gloss or metallic lipsticks (which are this season’s coolest trend). Want to try a bold gold? Try enhancing and intensifying it with powders in the same color (yes, on your lips), then pair with softer tones on your eyelids or even just a simple stroke of eyeliner. For an all over effect, choose a sheer pink lipstick enhanced with golden highlights for a nude yet luminous finish.
The right product for you: Color Sensational® Matte Metallics Lipstick in Pure Gold di Maybelline New York.

Now go forth and shine!

Credit ph: Cosmopolitan, Pinterest, Youtoube.

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