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kellie brown pretty birds profile


Kellie Brown is an LA-based content creator, lifestyle influencer, and founder of style community And I Get Dressed. Her amazing styles and sensibilities have been featured everywhere from Teen Vogue to Man Repeller. We are delighted to share her in our latest Pretty Birds profile. Alongside the interview you’ll find fabulous images of Kellie Brown shot by Chief Lover Tamu McPherson as they attended the Solange Knowles, Bridge-s (2019) performance at the Getty Museum in November 2019.


Meet Kellie Brown

kellie brown pretty birds profile


All the Pretty Birds: How have you been coping with quarantine life?

Kellie Brown: At first it was really hard because I’d just moved into a new home and settling in under duress felt impossible! Now I’m letting the endless decorating and home decor projects coupled with cleaning and organizing bring order into a chaotic situation.


ATPB: How has quarantine life impacted your business as a content maker and digital talent? What’s the state of your projects? What’s your opinion regarding “influencing” during this pandemic?

KB: Sponsored projects were immediately put on hold but thankfully have come back online. I’ve had to get even more creative shooting alone and at home, inside or in my garden. But – very thankful that I have the ability to work from home.


kellie brown pretty birds profile


ATPB: You have a detailed background in writing and blogging esp around entertainment and music – do you have any other dream writing projects in the works?

KB: Dream project is a book, more immediately I’m back to blogging, social media and video took over and I was writing much less. So it’s exciting to be uploading to and I’m actually talking to a few outlets about contributing home decor pieces.


ATPB: You’ve worked in fast-paced environments and diverse industries, how do you prioritize self-care and taking time to unwind?

KB: I’ve been doing the things I was too busy or lazy to do for myself like cooking most of my meals, taking leisurely walks, and listening to a lot more music!


kellie brown pretty birds profile


ATPB: A major lesson or lessons you’ve learned since starting your career?

KB: Be nice to everyone. Relationships are the most important to develop and nurture and there is room for everyone. Helping someone doesn’t at all take away from what you have or will get!


ATPB: Community is so important – who do you look towards for encouragement and ongoing inspiration?

KB: First my sister, she’s the best human on the planet and then my friends who are constant sources of inspiration.


kellie brown pretty birds profile


ATPB: You created the hashtag #FatAtFashionWeek and it resonated with so many people inside and outside the industry – what’s been one of your favorite moments associated with this wonderful project?

KB: The absolute best thing is seeing people who want to be in the industry using it. That the people who’ve always wanted to work in fashion can see me and people like me thriving and feel like they too belong here and will hopefully ale action to make their dreams come true is beyond gratifying!


ATPB: You just published a new Youtube video entitled What Plus Sized People Are Wearing Around The World/And I Get Dressed. Thank you! Post Covid-19, the fashion and beauty industries will enter a restructuring/rebuilding phase. How will you direct your advocacy for plus size talents so that inclusion will take place at the foundation level of what is to come?

KB: I’ve been doing this my entire career and will continue to advocate for larger bodies by making my voice heard, making sure that people who look like me are seen and respected and challenging brands when they fall short on inclusivity!


ATPB: What trends from the SS20 runways were you looking forward to wearing out before the lockdown, how are you embracing them at home? Any advice to your followers on how to nurture their love for fashion during quarantine?

KB: It’s funny I haven’t even felt connected to trends right now which is strange for me. I’ve been fully embracing dressing down and a mashup of classics. There’s an old photo from the 1980s of Ralph Lauren on a tennis court that has been circling in my mind. I’m also really inspired by the optimism of color lately.


ATPB: You travel a lot, what dream destination or holiday is on your bucket list? Will your appetite for travel change after the pandemic?

KB: I cannot wait until it’s safe to travel again. The first stop is a secluded beach destination.


kellie brown pretty birds profile


ATPB: You have a passion for home decor and antiques, where did your appreciation come from?

KB: My parents! Most of the things on my must-have list are from my childhood home. My mom loved to redecorate the house and add in pieces she had incredible taste in art. My dad’s early 80’s decor choices have cemented my love of postmodern design.


ATPB: Who and what’s on your playlist (or playlists) right now?

KB: Just about everything. I’m playing a lot of classic rock, neo-soul, flamenco. Lole Y Manuel are my favorites. I’ve been seeking the familiar Janet Jackson, Jill Scott but also new vibes like Abra.



ATPB: Any favorite podcasts that we should tune into?

KB: I love Brooke Devard’s Naked Beauty and The Office Ladies – big The Office fan!



Follow Kellie Brown on Instagram @itsmekellieb & @andigetdressed as well as YouTube “And I Get Dressed”.


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