The Power of Imagination, My Creative Outlet in the Clouds

by Tamu McPherson

I am so grateful and joyful to say that my journey towards realizing the intentions that I manifested in my Law of Attraction
note in January is proceeding at a beautiful, perfect and absolutely organic pace. While I am experiencing some personal inner conflict, the larger picture continues to make itself clear across the horizon as I am presented with answers and clues that bring me closer to my manifested goals.


Power of Imagination

As I finished writing my last note, Head in the Clouds, I realized that I house a huge part of my imagination in my magical place up in the sky, but that I am not using it to its full potential. There are countless fantasies and daydreams – probably enough to fill a small reservoir – that remain suspended in thin air and that eventually evaporate into space. I ended that note by saying: So in the end, maybe I’m not trying to escape from anything. Maybe I’m here to share the positivity that I’m blessed with… and that’s all.

If that’s the case then, it seems like what I really need to do is to find a way to harness and directly inject some of the positive energy that I find in that magical place up in the sky into the moments unfolding here on earth.

While I wholeheartedly enjoy being lost in my thoughts, I am mobilized by the discovery that I have been underusing the full capacity of my imagination. This observation is a significant opportunity to elevate my current level of creativity, as well as a way to achieve the objectives that I’ve laid out for myself.

So many questions arise as I think this new revelation about myself through. Why did something so obvious escape me, for instance? I am ambitious, I double majored in Literature and Rhetoric and Africana Studies with an unofficial minor in Spanish at university. I am a JD/MBA in Finance. I ran marathons with my imagination throughout my academic career and during my brief stint as an attorney. I sure as hell used it when I was searching for ways to break into the fashion industry, and when I was finally blessed with the blogging platform. I used my imagination to create every day for the last 12 years. That being said, the creative and fashion industries have evolved so quickly since I started shooting street style and launched ATPB. The demands for new and fresh content have quadrupled, with digital talents like myself now required to crank out projects at breakneck speeds. There isn’t much time to think, and often we are forced to produce mechanically, which stifles our creativity. There are, however, many artists that still manage to blow us away with their immense talent, whether it be a question of raw genius, or maybe their ability to channel their imagination regardless the grind.


What creative inspiration reserve are they tapping into?

Creative inspiration is subjective. The yielding and nurturing of ideas and concepts is personal. As many of you know, I have been trying to elevate the editorial experience here on ATPB for the past few years. I have pushed myself, I have pushed my team and we have made headway. All along however, I have asked myself what more could we be doing to really gain traction and break through as a 360 degree site that has evolved from its street style base? While I’m completely here for ATPB, I regularly fly up to my favorite cloud for healthy distraction. And even though I am constantly looking for more ways to WOW you all, at no time did I take stock of how much time, or the type of images that I was creating up there, or make the connection that I could simply transform them into ATPB projects and manifest them into existence in the here and now. I know, MAJOR. DISCONNECT. And, I’ll be the first to admit that some of them were epic (WINK).

But why? Is it a case of I’m just not pushing myself enough? Have I become lazy? Am I relatively burnt out? Or is it a matter of the fact that in these last 12 years, the necessity to have this separate space has become, in a way, sanity-preserving? But, like I mentioned earlier, there are reservoirs up there. Enough space to foster much needed getaways, and a ton more for the purposeful cultivation and harnessing of great big delicious ideas.


Manifesting the Law of Attraction

So now what? How do I go about consciously making my day dreams and fantasies come true? I ventured onto the web and found many website and blog posts offering guidance on the power of the imagination. One of the first important things that I read which I hadn’t thought about was the fact that, as kids we have very active imaginations, but at a certain point, our imaginary friends and worlds are discouraged by society. This helps explains why our imaginations aren’t as expansive or agile when we are adults; or why we aren’t used to accessing that space for the benefit of creativity. I was also happy to find that most of the articles, if not all, are based on the principles of Law of Attraction. The most common themes discussed include, how to constructively use your imagination as a creative outlet; and how to use the Law of Attraction to realize your ideas through visualization and positive affirmations – we will be writing a piece on this soon, stay tuned. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Law of Attraction (I didn’t explain it in my January note), it is a thought philosophy introduced by Esther and Jerry Hicks that states: “That which is unto itself is drawn.” This essentially means that you attract the things which you are thinking and feeling. So, if your thoughts are focused on positive things, those things will enter your life. And the same goes for negative manifestations. Esther and Jerry detail how they discovered The Law of Attraction in their book, The Law of Attraction, the Basic Teaching of Abraham. I suggest you read it to understand the power of this philosophy.



Well, I couldn’t have asked for more at this point in my 2018 journey. As I mentioned in my intro, the pieces are all falling into place, and I am so excited and grateful. In manifesting my intentions, I am learning and achieving so much. In my quest to be more mindful, I have recognized that it is fine to be a daydreamer, because it allows me to project personal positive energy out into the world; and at the same time, I can freely tap into that same space to elevate my creativity.

As with everything in life there should be a balance. Daydreaming about skipping with butterflies and a unicorn down a yellow brick road can harmoniously share a room with whipping up fantastical ideas to make ATPB pop. And both types of thinking will enhance my overall mindfulness in the sense that they boost my consciousness. One is part of my personal self-care regime and the essence of who I am: and the other will help accomplish the goals that I set for All The Pretty Birds.


Power of the Imagination Inspiration

Stephen Hawking’s passing this week was not lost on me as I gathered my thoughts for this note. Of rare brilliance, a man who was paralyzed by ALS, confined to a wheelchair, and unable to speak without the help of an synthesizer during the latter part of his career, developed revolutionary theories using the power of his mind. He is one of the purist examples of the power of the imagination and his is a true inspiration. Admittingly, I found serious difficulty in grasping his work (I know I’m not alone here), but whenever I read his books, I felt extremely encouraged to push myself past my own limits and to open my mind to its fullest capacity.

As I take off for the next leg of my journey, I’m placing his picture on my visual board. One of his goals was to make the study of the universe accessible to everyone. In this way, he was encouraging us to dream really big. I’m also placing a picture of Muhammad Ali who said: “The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Will you fly with me Pretty Birds?

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