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Every Outfit I Planned for My Holiday Event Calendar, Part Two: The Office Party

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Tamu McPherson | Friday December 15th 2017

No holiday party is trickier to dress for than the Holiday Office Party. Striking the balance of “stylish and fun” with “appropriate and professional” is difficult enough, but add in the anxiety-inducing reality that you will (in all likelihood) not be going home to change first, and you will probably end up silently wrangling yourself into a beaded jumpsuit in the office bathroom after your last meeting, at the option to panic is almost too tempting. One year I even forgot one piece of my look at home. Outfit fails abound.

Every girl has been there at some point, and especially considering our dynamic and often overscheduled days – dropping off the kids at school, a Soul Cycle session at lunch, last minute gift shopping during a coffee break – we are already pretty weighed down by our obligations (and their associated shopping bags). Just thinking about the amount of stuff I travel with every day exhausts me. So when I plan a look for an event like an office holiday party, the rational and practical side of my brain emerges from the fog like Janet on tour and sternly commands that I keep things simple and efficient.

‘Simple and efficient’ may not be the words you most often associate with me, but I am here to show you that ‘simple and efficient’ does not have to translate to ‘bland and boring’!

Simple is a strategy, not an aesthetic. It means picking statement pieces that do all the work for you, and eliminating unnecessary fuss. Dressing is meant to be fun, and getting dressed for the holidays should be celebratory. You already have so much on your plate, why complicate anything further?

My go-to statement pieces are; a gorgeous top, a hero trouser and, most importantly, fancy maxi earrings. I’ve styled all of these elements into one outfit here, but feel free to pick and choose for inspiration or simplification! If you do separate the look, you van pair an elaborate top with a more simple trouser, and the same formula applies if you land on a hero pant. What I super-love about a look like this is that you are bringing the ornaments to the party.

The second part of my holiday office party formula is efficiency. It’s the end of the year, we’ve been running like madwomen to for weeks to meet deadlines before escaping for a few precious days to end the year with loved ones. And I don’t know about you, but I have always worked up to the very minute that I’ve needed to leave for the holiday party. So I don’t see any better option than to wear your look to work! Your colleagues certainly all know where you are heading at the end of the day, so you know you’re safe from stares. Perhaps you are worried about ending the day wrinkled and rumpled and covered in matcha stains, and you have a valid point. But that risk is well worth it if the payoff is time and peace of mind. So, if you are on board for efficiency, all you’ll need before you leave is a spritz of Herbivore Botanical Rose Mist and some festive makeup.

So, my friends, please feel free to work these variables into a holiday equation of your own – and, last but not least, cheers to the season!


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    Ellery Angel puff-sleeved ruffle-trimmed top

– Photos by Eleonora Adani
– Outfit Details: earrings by Ca&Lou, shirt dress by Erika Cavallini, trousers by MSGM.

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